Choosing the right math curriculum for Home schooling

By: Sunil Punjabi

You will never find the perfect home school curriculum, but you will be able to find curriculum that works for your family. The main thing you will need to look for in math curriculum is that the quality is good and the content you want to teach is there. The most important thing is you as the teacher, not necessarily what curriculum you choose. You need to understand how your child learns and what their needs are. While you may dislike the actual subject of math, you need to make it seem, as it is your favorite subject. Your child needs to get the sense from you that it's fun and exciting, even if you do not truly believe this. You may want to teach with drawings and pictures to get the content across in a way your child will appreciate. If you are not a math expert, there is no need to worry. There are plenty of trainings and classes that you can take to prepare you to teach. You can also turn to home school support groups or chat rooms for assistance.

There are a few curricula that many home school families' use; here are just a few of them.

Horizon Math Uses pictures that are bright and colorful with lessons with varying topics.

Modern Curriculum Math Designed for students in grades K-6, very easy to follow for both parents and students.

Saxon Math Popular with high school students and widely used in the home school community.

While there are many to choose from, these are just a few to get you started in your math curriculum search.

There are two ways math curriculum is taught, spiraling and mastery based. With spiraling instruction you will be reviewing during the day and not introducing new content often. This way your child will learn one topic very well before moving on to the next. Mastery is much the same, but new content is introduced often while still reviewing the content that was previously taught. You will also want to consider the prices of the home school curriculum. You may be able to find many on used book websites, or if you have friends in the home school community, they may be willing to give you their old books and aides. Small children often like to learn by looking at pictures that are bright and colorful, choose books based on this knowledge. Other students may find the bright colors distracting, so you will wan to look for curriculum that is black and white so your child does not get easily distracted. For many families, religion is a large reason for them home schooling their children. While math is not normally a subject religion is incorporated into, you will be able to find curriculum that suits your religious needs.

Regardless of what math curriculum you choose, know that it's the best choice for your family. Talk to other families who home school and get their thoughts and ideas on what they used and if it worked for them. You may find you have to experiment with different curriculum. You can also take a break from math for a bit if you find the home school curriculum you chose isn't working. That's the beauty of home schooling; you have the freedom to do what is best for your child.

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