Choosing the right home schooling curriculum

By: Sunil Punjabi

When researching curriculum for home schooling you will find there are many options available. If you are new to homes schooling, choosing home schooling curriculum may be overwhelming. Many parents who home school do not have a background in education or may work full time outside the home so need more support when choosing curriculum for their children. In this case, choosing a packaged curriculum will be the best option. With a packaged curriculum, everything will come included. The textbooks, tests, teaching aides, report cards, everything you need to successfully home school your children. Parents who are not able to devote all their time to the home schooling of their children will find this option very beneficial. Often, when using a packaged curriculum, you will have the support of trained and credentialed support staff to assist and answer questions when needed. You also have the option of enrolling your children in an online school so they are taught by teachers via the Internet.

For those parents who are more familiar with home schooling, or even have an education background, an option for choosing home schooling curriculum is to mix and match from the different programs available. Because children are different, one package might not suite the needs of your children in total. You may feel it's better to choose different curriculum for different packages and teach that way rather than using one package that might not meet the needs of your family. When you pick the curriculum you want to work with, you give yourself and your children freedom to work in a way that benefits both them and you. The one issue with teaching in this way is you will need to have some experience. If you are new to home schooling, this may not be the route to take right away. Give home schooling some time and learn what curriculum you really like, and the one's you do not and you will have a better feel for how to make the curriculum you want for your children.

Another great thing about being able to choose your own home schooling curriculum is the ability to incorporate your Religion into your teaching. Public schools are not allowed to have any form on Religion taught in their schools, so unless you pay to send your children to a private school that will teach them Religion, they will not learn about it. By home schooling your children, you have the ability to teach them about their religion in the way you see fit. You can infuse your faith and morals into your teachings. Your children may have a writing assignment that needs to be completed, and you can have them write about a Religious icon or celebration where as in a public school they would not be allowed to do this.

Choosing the right home schooling curriculum may seem overwhelming, but there are many support groups for families that home school. A simple search of the Internet will land you in chat rooms and blogs about home schooling where you can get wonderful information and guidance.

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