Choosing the right Science curriculum for your home school program

By: Sunil Punjabi

The Science curriculum is one of the most vital of subjects to understand as the realm of the Sciences intertwines with all the other core subjects necessary for a well-rounded and complete general education during the K-12 years. Nevertheless, fear not as there are simple, but detailed methods in place to help you select the best programs for your children and to enable them to apply the subjects of their Science curriculum to the many aspects of adult life after their home schooling is complete.

Before beginning to map out your children's Science curriculum and its content, a few tasks need to be accomplished to ensure you find the best home school solutions for your child.

1. Determine your child's grade placement - If previously in a public or private school, get the lesson plans, or at least subject areas, of their Science curriculum instruction before home schooling.

2. Determine who will be conducting the home school classes - If it is one parent or both, some other family member, or even a hired teacher. Since they are an integral part of home schooling and developing the Sciences curriculum, they need to be in the following steps in determining the curriculum or any other curriculum they may be teaching. If hiring an outside the family teacher, this will ensure they know your expectations of them.

3. Find the your state's Board of Education (BOE) content guidelines for your child's Science curriculum or one of the many home school websites that have full curriculums for your child's grade level - Determine the content requirements for the coming year and the next three years of public education; example: if this is grade level 3, then also get the content guidelines for years 4 through 6. This information is necessary in developing the Science curriculum in the next step.

4. Compare at least three to five Science curriculum and home schooling sources for the course content requirements in Step 3. Find the sources that either somewhat overlap, refresh, or begin the next progression of the curriculum. This can be augmented by placement testing for the learning level. Placement tests are easily found through search engines and many are free to download. Some may contain tests for Bible studies, but the remainder of the tests helps determine your child's knowledge level without reference to religious or secular factors. They also identify where your child is in relation to the BOE grade requirements before going to Step 5 in developing their Science curriculum program.

5. Evaluate the new Science curriculum progression for the next two to three school years, or four to six semesters, to make sure there is a smooth and logical progression in the content for the remaining years of their home school program. This process should be done each year to allow adjustments for new course content or revised curriculum requirements.

6. Select the best Science curriculum for your child's home schooling program. Congratulations! You are now done with the easy part. Teaching the content and staying on schedule is the difficult, but most rewarding part.

Some reminders and tips:

The steps recommended above are suggestions. However, they can be used for any home school curriculum.

Parents need to evaluate their child, who is going to teach the courses and select the Science curriculum that best suits their child and their teacher in their home schooling program.

It is imperative to remember the diversity and wide scope the Sciences include - Life Science, Natural Science, Information Technology, Biology, Earth and Space Science and many others.

Because of the diversity, it is good to see what will be required in the coming years so that the child is prepared for the natural progression and as they gain the knowledge necessary to approach the entire Science curriculum that will be necessary in fulfilling their general education requirements through home schooling.

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