Choosing the right Sacramento flood insurance can determine how much you have to pay for your policy

By: Emily Bronte

Natural disasters and risks happen. No matter where you reside, potential hazards could occur that can affect your quality of life and the home where you reside. In Sacramento, specific areas have been determined by FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program, as high, moderate and low risk areas. While Sacramento Flood insurance is accessible to all these homeowners, it is very important to understand that there are many options available including the new private flood insurance. Understanding the options can help you in getting the coverage that you need depending on the risks that could happen, at the lowest price.

The residents of Sacramento basically have two types of flood insurance options to choose from and the options vary depending on where you reside. The regular flood coverage is available to all residents that are living within the Special Flood Hazard Area. According to experts, the chances of getting flooded in this area are 1 in 100 years so it is possible that a major flooding could happen. Thus, only standard Sacramento flood insurance is offered.

Another option to consider would be the preferred risk flood insurance. Not all communities are situated in the SFHA, other areas that are beyond this limit will be considered for the Preferred Program. The reason is that the risks of flooding are very unpredictable and thus, it is still difficult to measure the possibilities of being flooded as well as the frequency of such natural disasters. If you live in this section of Sacramento, the possibilities of flooding are at 26%.

The good thing about the preferred flood program is that it is not as costly as the standard Sacramento flood insurance. In fact, the price can be 50% of the standard policy premium. Another plus is that the policy covers your belongings if flooding actually occurs typically up to $100,000.

The national flood insurance program

Established in the late 1960s, the national flood insurance program was created in order to provide security for homeowners and to establish national policy and mapping of risky areas where flooding can occur. The program was created to establish flood insurance that is offered by agents and insurance companies. 98% of the time the policies are the same as they come from the National Flood Insurance Program no matter which insurance company writes the policy. A growing number of people are finding private insurance companies which offer substantial savings compared to the FEMA policy. While the FEMA program has been very helpful in ensuring families within high risk areas, even FEMA has encouraged some private companies to come forward and take on some of the risk.

Getting the right policy

Homes in high risk zones in Sacramento are required to get Sacramento flood insurance. If you are in a low risk zone such as X then you may qualify for the preferred program. If you reside in a high risk zone such as A, AE, AO or AH you would be required to get a standard flood policy. However one thing you can do is find a private carrier which may have lower rates than the NFIP. Contact us at to check our private carrier rates.

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Through the national flood insurance program, it is now possible for homeowners to get insurance coverage for properties in flood-risk areas. We offer Sacramento flood Insurance to ensure that your property is secured from possible losses that floods could cause. Let us help you protect your property and family’s future. Visit our website now.

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