Choosing the Right Indoor Tanning Lotion

By: Baxters Owens

When it comes to indoor tanning, it is essential for you to choose the right tanning lotion. But, with so many different tanning lotions for you to choose from, how are you supposed to determine which one is right for you? There is no simple answer to that question, as choosing the right indoor tanning lotion depends on a number of factors, such as your skin tone and your tanning goals.

Making Your Skin Healthy

Regardless of your skin type and tanning goals, it is essential to select a tanning lotion that contains vitamins, essential oils and botanicals. These additives will help nourish and moisturize your skin and get it prepared for the tanning process. The reality is that healthy skin tans better. Therefore, in order to achieve the best possible tan, you have to take steps to care for your skin and make certain it is properly moisturized. Moisturizers are also important for preventing dry skin from developing, which is certainly a concern when your skin is being regularly exposed to the tanning process.

Although there are many vitamins that can be added to your tanning lotion, there are several key vitamins you should look for. These include Vitamins A, C, D and E. Vitamin C helps to preserve the skin, while Vitamin D helps to heal the skin and block out UV rays. Vitamin E, on the other hand, is an antioxidant and Vitamin A helps lubricate the skin and keep it soft.

To Stimulate or Not to Stimulate

Another factor you will have to consider is whether or not you want to stimulate your skin while tanning. Indoor tanning lotions that contain DHA, or dihdroxyacetone-formula, actually stimulate the skin and help encourage the development of the tan. This can help you develop a darker and lovelier tan in a shorter period of time. In addition, it makes it possible for you to achieve the color you are after without having to spend as much time under the tanning lamps. At the same time, these products can have a tingling effect that you may find to be unpleasant. This is particularly true if you are an inexperienced tanner.

When it comes down to it, you want to get an indoor tanning lotion that will moisturize your skin and nourish it while providing it with protection. Any other additives, such as whether or not the lotion is made with organic ingredients or the scent of the lotion you choose, is really a matter of personal preference. So, you may want to try out several different indoor tanning lotions in order to find the one that is right for you.

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