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By: Alexander Rassokhin

Today's market offers a variety of PC backup software designed to take the hassle out of backing up your data. To learn how to choose an appropriate utility for PC backup, it is necessary to understand, firstly, the importance of creating backups, then, why this should be done with the help of special backup software, and finally, features that are a "must" for a good PC backup program.

Importance of PC Backups

Today, virtually every side of our life in one way or another depends on computers. People manage personal finances, global corporations control production, banks transfer money everybody relies on computer technologies so much that the world is almost unimaginable without them. Taking into account importance of these operations, it comes as no surprise that PC backup software receives a lot of attention from all fields and circles.

Why Back Up PC with Software

Each PC is subject to a variety of everyday hazards, from hardware failures, fires and floods to theft and user mistakes. And Murphy's second law dictates that disasters always strike when you need them the least. Then, when something occurs, it leaves you wondering: what I could have done and how is it possible to effectively back up my PC and have the best results with the minimum efforts?

The answer is clear: use special PC backup software. Contemporary backup tools are very easy to use and let you completely automate protection of your valuable files and important information of any type.

PC Backup Software Features

* PC backup automation. The first and most important function is automation of all tasks: ideally, you need to decide what, where and when to back up only once, and after that, backups must be created automatically or with just one click.

* Data backup options. Good computer backup utilities provide means of automatic compression, encryption and other options that help you save storage space and increase security of your data.

* Complete PC backup. Some tools allow creating image backups of an entire PC. This lets you quickly get your system up and running, without having to reinstall OS and applications.

* Data storage. Finally, it is important to have a rich choice of supported media. It is highly recommended to choose utilities that can back up data to optical discs (CD/DVD), to transfer it via FTP or to network shares, etc.

All in all, it is important to understand that PC backup software not only saves you money and time, but also lets you save your nerves and does it all on its own, while you sleep, work or have fun.

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Alexander Rassokhin is an IT-expert and a technical writer for Novosoft, an international software development company that creates Handy Backup, a professional PC backup utility for Windows-based networks and Windows workstations.
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