Choosing between Employment or Self Employment

By: Larry Dunn1

Is employment still for you? Will self employment be a better alternative? It is a tough choice to make. A lot of people have chosen self employment opportunities and many more want to join their ranks. There are varying reasons for these decisions but the end result is that self-employment is fast becoming a workable option. Look at the following considerations to determine if self employment is suitable for you:
• Self employment means that you work from home. In short, it is up to you in arranging your own working space where you feel at ease. It is also possible to avoid expenses in traveling to the office or clothes and shoes for daily wear. However, continue to keep tab of expenses related to your business and keep receipts for tax deductions.
• Self satisfaction is one of the perks that you get from self employment. The feeling of having accomplished a job successfully is incomparable. You receive the entire accolade and no one else can claim the credit. With self employment opportunities, you are in control of your targets and objectives. It is your prerogative in making decisions that will fit into your overall mission and vision.
• You are free to do things that are not usually done in the workplace. This means that you self employment gives you the option to be more innovative. There are no office regulations to prevent you from being more productive.
• You have no superior except yourself. There is no boss to order you around. You are the sole decision-maker and the success of any of your projects depends on how you cope with the responsibilities. Since you are in charge, all the responsibilities fall squarely on your shoulders.
• If you work very hard and prove to clients that you can meet deadlines promptly and show excellent results, then you can look forward to ore projects, good fees and bonuses. All earnings go to you except for minimum overhead. In case you outsource some tasks, you just have to pay the fees of your contractors.
• The opportunity to accomplish something and be successful is within your control. Self employment is a big risk but you are responsible for this challenge. In other words, you shape your own fate. There are no excuses and you have no one to blame for your failures.
• If you are self-employed, you can choose people whom you want to work with. This is very different if you have an employer since it is necessary to interact and cooperate with colleagues. The key is to select the suppliers, contractors and associates whom you decide to work with. Make it a point, to consider your status, preferences, aversions and welfare before making a choice.
• Finally, self-employed persons have their own working hours. You can work all day and night and rest the following day. It is easier to balance your personal schedule and work timetable. It does not matter for as long as you accomplish your work on time.

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Many people go for self employment opportunities and more want to join their ranks for varying reasons but the bottom line is self-employment has become a workable option. Learn more about- online business opportunities

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