Choosing a good poker room with a good bonus

By: Sami Baddar

Even though the story is not told in full, poker banners are everywhere. The catch is once depositing your money into an account you have to do your research. The worst thing to do is choosing rooms just because they have a great deal on the bonus offer. Reputation is key on booking, good reviews equal good site, and others such as the quality, traffic and so on are all factors to look out for once depositing. After doing all your research about the site, the next thing to do is just choosing which site offers the best deal on the bonus offer.
When choosing the bonus offers you must be aware of its requirements, as in the long run you might end up disappointed, how most poker players unfortunately end up. Most bonus offers often have their own play requirements and time limits. The key is to actually read through everything and forget the term “how much” but actually think about the “how”. How do you obtain the bonus offer, for example-
Poker room ABC offering 100% of $400 (which sounds good)
Poker room 123 offering 100% of $700 (which sounds even better)

So which one would you go for? Most people, for obvious reasons, would choose the second, but I can tell you that it would be a big mistake. Why? You might ask. Let me explain, once you read through the conditions of the second you realize that most poker sites base their bonus offers by using a point system. Room 123 has a point system that you earn $1 once achieving 10player points, whereas room ABC offers $1 with every 20 player points. Once you read this you will stick to your first choice and stick to the second option, as offer ABC, offers less money for double the player points and for less. But you’re very wrong. Let me explain….
Even though the second room the point requirement is lower so might think you’ll earn them faster, you might be wrong. You now need to be asking yourself “how” you obtain those points. There isn’t a fixed method in how you achieve these points. Different sites use their own methods-this is where it starts getting confusing as it starts getting closer to how you achieve the poker bonuses. But research pays off, and you realize that $0.15 rake you earn, you achieve one point at room 123.which means every time you earn $1.50, you receive the 10 points you need for $1 bonus dollar. So if your choice would have been $200 deposit, then you have to earn $300 just to receive your $200 free bonus points.
So assuming that in room ABC you receive points faster. That for every $0.07 won you earn 1 player point. Meaning you'll rake in $1.40 and to get the 20 point obliged to earn $1 bonus. With a $200 deposit, you would actually just need to earn $280 to receive the free $200. Which comes to my point that now comparing the two, which one has the best deal? The only time you can actually compare the bonus dollar is when you understand and compare “how” you achieve the bonus dollar. Then you’ll actually be comparing the same thing equally.
Another thing that you must be aware of is the time limit. Some rooms have a time limit of up to 30, 60 or even 90 days in order to earn your bonus. Others don’t even have a time limit. Every room has its own regulations so every room is different. Some rooms can even give you a choice of multiple bonuses, but all these bonuses I’m afraid have yet again their own rules and regulations that you must abide by to receive them. After clearing out exactly how much cash you need to earn to receive the bonus, reason out the time also. If you are not sure you are capable of earning the better bonus in the time limit given, and then probably you should opt for going for your second choice which gives you a better time period, thus allows you to achieve the best poker bonus.
Last but not least, you must always consider the codes on “how” to open your poker bonus. as some poker rooms oblige you to either meet all requirements to obtain any of your poker bonus…so there is a chance of not finishing it by the time period expected to (even for just 1 point!!!!) you might receive nothing at all. But not to worry, not all rooms have this system; some will allow you to receive the amount you have obtained by that deadline. Others work by receiving $20 every time you achieve the points valued to it. The good thing about going with systems like work like that is that you will never be losing money as you will be receiving everything you have earned even though you would have not earned the complete 100% grand total. Even if you get to the total of $160 instead of the deadline rate of $200, but in my opinion you’re still your money which you would have won, so nothing is really lost-and it’s always better than losing everything. What do you think?

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