Choosing a bed can be tricky; do you go for single beds or double beds?

By: Sunil Punjabi

Single beds for childrenís bedrooms are a must, or are they? Whatís to say if the childís room is big enough that they canít have a double bed? Of course single beds for children are more traditional but they donít have to be the only thing you consider. Couples who share a bedroom often opt for separate beds, maybe one of the couple doesnít sleep well or has a health issue that means they need to get up or move around a lot. Again there is no definite rule you must follow, you really have to go with what your personal needs and circumstances are.

The basic advice on choosing a bed would be to assess what your needs are initially. Do you need a bed with storage; what about the mattress does it need to firm or softer. You need to consider any health issues such as arthritis, if you suffer with this getting in and out of a high bed may prove tricky. Above all else you need to pay as much as possible for your mattress and most beds will come with a choice. You need to look at how much space you have in your bedroom, if you yearn for a king size bed but have limited space the double beds are probably your best bet.

The same considerations need to be taken into account when buying beds for your children, do they have any special needs or requirements from their bed. A plain single bed can be picked up cheaply and also be very comfortable and that is a boon in these cash strapped times. Itís advisable to change your bed and certainly your mattress at least every 7 years to ensure it remains comfortable and as supportive as you need it. A sagging lumpy mattress on any bed is going to cause you discomfort and loss of sleep and you really donít want that.

Sleep is important and whether you sleep in single beds or double beds you have to get it right so your body can rest properly. Lack of sleep can end up causing a whole range of health problems including anxiety and depression. Couple lack of sleep with aches and pains from tossing and turning trying to get comfortable all night and you can see just how bad a day you could have after poor sleep. The range of double beds and single beds is huge and you can pay a small amount or a large amount but the rule of thumb is to spend as much as you can possibly afford on a bed and mattress.

Even ignoring the dťcor of a room your bed creates a certain atmosphere depending on how you dress it or what you use. Many people like proper sheets not fitted, and a lot of people like blankets rather than quilts, those things all go into making your bed right for you. If the winter is a time when you like to snuggle down in your bed feeling the weight of blankets above you then go for that. If you prefer the lightness yet warmth of a quilt then go for that. Double beds and single beds can actually come in slightly different sizes and wonít actually all be identical in size so make sure you check that before buying. During the 7 year life span of a bed itís estimated we spend over 20,000 hours in the bed so you can see how important it is to get it right!

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