Choosing a Walking Shoe

By: Sarah Carlye

Making sure your have the right walking shoe will make walking more comfortable.

The more enjoyable walking is, the more likely you will be to walk consistently and get the full benefits. The following should all be considered when investing in a good walking shoe:

• Design
• Comfort
• Fit
• Durability

When walking in a walking shoe, the sole should be designed in a way that your foot will roll instead of slapping down when walking. The Stepgym has a scientifically designed sole that provides an additional workout to the legs and buttocks. It also encourages good posture due to its design, so that the upper torso is also strengthened. The sole should also be flexible like the Stepgym to allow for bend at the toe. This is one of the differences in the design of a walking shoe and the design of a running shoe

When trying on a walking shoe, it should start out pretty comfortable one the laces are tightened and tied. If it the shoe is uncomfortable right from the start, it is unlikely that it will become more comfortable after walking. A little tightness is OK because most shoes will stretch out a little. The material should be lightweight and breathable.

When accessing the fit of a walking shoe, be sure there is about half an inch from the toe to the end of the shoe. The toes should be able to move freely and should lay flat side by side (no overlapping). The shoe’s heal should not slip because that will cause blisters quite quickly. There should be no binding or pinching.

A walking shoe should be made of durable materials like the Stepgym shoe. The stitching should be tight without loose ends. The sole should be firmly attached to the sole of the walking shoe. Using a walking shoe just for walking for working out will extend the life of any walking shoe.

When shopping for a walking shoe, shop later in the day when your feet are slightly more swollen to assure an accurate fit. Be sure you have enough time to take your time shopping so that you are not rushed when shopping. When purchasing a walking shoe online, know the return policy. Put the shoe on later in the day and wear on a clean indoor surface to be sure of the fit.

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