Choosing a Nursing School and Knowing Your Options


Every generation of college students face the challenge of picking an institution of higher learning. With so many majors to choose from and the number of excellent schools in this country, the choices can be overwhelming. When you factor in the growing trend of non- traditional students entering or re-entering the classroom, the choices are even more diverse.

In the U.S. alone, there has been a shortage of nurses for quite some time. Regardless if you attend a nursing school or traditional college, majoring in the health care field is typically a solid career decision. There are several factors that need to be considered when determining which type of school and degree in nursing is right for you.

If you are a student fresh out of high school, or someone who lives near a large university or nursing school, attending classes as a commuter or on campus student is an option. Attending this type of school, the student can work towards an LPN or licensed practical nursing degree, the equivalent of an Associates degree or an RN degree. An RN degree is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and qualifies the recipient to hold the title of Registered Nurse. The more education you receive the higher wages, responsibility, and career options you can expect to enjoy. The benefits of attending a traditional college or nursing school include hands on training with your professors, working with classmates while learning from them, and potentially having help from your college in finding post graduate work.

Another option in the nursing school department is a junior college or vocational school. The highest degree you can hope to obtain in a school like this is a LPN license. Most of the time students use this shorter education program to become a nursing assistant or LPN and begin working in the medical health field faster. The good thing about attending this type of school is that students are able to enter the workforce faster in their chosen fields. Many graduates of junior colleges move on eventually to work at a different school for a more in depth education and degree. For many students a nursing school or junior college is a great way to receive an affordable education, have a certificate or degree they can later build on, and begin caring for patients earlier.

In recent history there has been a growing trend of online colleges and universities improving their various programs and offering their students national accreditation degrees similar to programs offered by traditional on campus schools. Learning online gives students the opportunity to live anywhere. For example, if you want to become a nurse, but there aren't any good colleges or nursing schools in your area, deciding on an online education can help make your nursing career dream come true. While this type of school is great for remote students, it is also excellent for older students who may be starting over in their career. Since the whole idea of online learning is to allow students the flexibility to learn at their own pace and work around pre-existing schedules for work and family, online universities are perfect for non traditional and older students.

If you are graduating from high school or a current college student weighing the option of going into nursing, your counselor at school or academic advisor on campus can help you learn about the different nursing school options. Older students can also access information online or by contacting a local institution of higher learning. An education in nursing is a good way to ensure career stability.

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