Choosing a Condo Can Be Much Easier Than You Think

By: Dave Lloyd

Depending on where you live and the supply and demand for condos, it can be a challenging, time-consuming, even frustration task. In order to keep the process simple, I'm including here some strategies you can utilize to find the right condo near you, in the shortest time possible, and at a price that fits within your budget.

A Condo is One of Many Options

First of all, determine that a condo is the right housing option for you. Could a townhouse or house be a better decision for you? What about renting an apartment or moving up to a larger apartment? Typically, condos are best for singles or couples who are interested in gaining equity in a property while not having responsibility for gardening, landscaping, or other house maintenance. In addition, condo buyers usually want community features that suit them such as a pool, parking garage, internet service, and maybe a barbeque area. These features add to the sense of community in condo living.

Determine Your Condo Budget

Second, determine your budget and what you think you can get for that amount. Certainly you've been doing research for awhile in the paper, talking to friends, checking out internet sites, and maybe have already begun talking to realtors. Many websites can be a good resource for evaluating condos in your area. In order to find the best decision for you, it really helps to rank your criteria from 1-5 - for example, price, location, size, amenities, and neighborhood may be all factors that weigh on your decision. By deciding on and writing down objective criteria, you can increase the certainty of you locating the type of place you'd be most satisfied with.

What About Additional Expenses

Third, keep in mind the monthly mortgage, association dues, and other related fees in buying a condo - and consider these expense against your current income and the likelihood of you keeping or being able to get another job easily in a few years time. Once you acquire a mortgage, it becomes more difficult to move out of a place. So especially if you're moving up from an apartment to a condo, consider how best to incorporate this new expense into your spending plan.
Once you begin the process, there are other methods that you'll want to use and questions to ask.

Choosing the Right Location

Finally, be sure to ask future neighbors at the places you're looking what they like about the place and what they don't. How is the noise? What are the people like? Do they allow kids or not, and if so are they loud? How about security? Is public transportation nearby, if you intend to use it? What about people your age and in the same stage of life as you? Asking these questions is most useful when you're on the fence between two locations and are having a difficult time making a decision. Most likely, though, if you're ok with the price, location, cleanliness, and size of the condo, your decision should be a pretty easy one to make.

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