Choosing The Best Lasik Eye Surgeon

By: Linda Moore

Once the decision to have Lasik eye surgery is made, the next, and most important step is to decide who will be your LASIK SURGEON. This is not something to be taken lightly as there are many doctors who have opened up shop that do not possess the range of experience or knowledge to be considered well qualified in Laser eye surgery. The reason for this is that government certifications are typically very broad. Once a physician has been certified, they are free to practice medicine. This means general practitioners can not only open a practice but also perform plastic surgery and Lasik which is not a bad thing if the additional training is completed.

Let's not forget that doctors as a rule are very aware of their limitations and talents. Some however, may not be so responsible and seeing "easy money," may be willing to perform operations they aren't completely qualified to do.

Another issue is the cost factor. You and I are responsible for the desire to obtain the lowest price possible. The reason for this is that Lasik or laser eye surgery is considered elective and not covered by insurance companies. This sometimes creates a situation where cost is the sole basis for the decision instead of quality of care. Understand that I'm not suggesting that price shouldn't be a consideration, only that it is often the ONLY consideration. We get the advertising for $299.00 per eye or $500 dollars per eye and think we're getting a "good deal." The answer though is maybe it's a good deal or possibly a disaster waiting to happen.

Remember it's not good to pay too much but it's also not good to pay too little. Doctor offices and health care facilities have overhead expenses to cover. Like anything else, if you want high quality care, it's going to cost somewhat more than average care. Low pricing many times brings an assembly line attitude. More work or surgical procedures need to be done on any given day to cover the expenses of the business. This means the possibility of lower quality care due to the speed with which things need to happen for the lower pricing. This isn't always the case, but be aware that a good deal is one where you get good value and service for the price. Although a low price shouldn't automatically be considered lower quality care, caution is advised.

When selecting a LASIK SURGEON, do not use price alone!

The following is a quick checklist of potential considerations.
In the end, only you can decide if the doctor is right for you.

First, Facilities. Lasik Surgeons and eye surgical centers that do this business typically have the best equipment. Check out the services offered and the type of equipment used. Do they use the newer wavefront 3D mapping technology? The newer technology is more precise and delivers a greater opportunity for long term better vision without complications.

Second. EXPERIENCE. How many surgeries has the physician completed. If it is a surgical center, ask who exactly will be doing the procedure?

Third: Reputation. Ask around and get recommendations. This is important as the most successful doctors will have a number of satisfied patients who would be happy to share their experience.

Fourth: Professional Reputation. Check the various medical and surgical boards for membership. Ask about specific professional Lasik, surgeon, or eyecare memberships. Membership in these organizations suggests someone who is committed to their craft.

Fifth: At the consultation appointment, do you have confidence in the doctor? If not, do not continue as this is a critical part of getting the desired result. You must have confidence in the doctor so you can stay positive mentally and follow the after procedure instructions.

Bottom line is that many of us look for the cheapest price when what we really want is good value. We want a Lasik Surgeon with the experience, talent and ability to deliver the best possible care at a fair price. This is also what quality physicians want to deliver so check around and don't let price make the decision for you.

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Linda Moore writes on a variety of subjects. She has done serious study on vision options and selecting the right Lasik MD specialist or Lasik Surgeon

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