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A mirror is a piece of glass with a shiny, metal-covered back that reflects light which produce an image of anything that is placed in front of it. Certain mirrors filter out some wavelengths while preserving other wavelengths in the reflected image. This is not the same as other light-reflecting objects that do not retain much of the original wave signal other than the color and diffuse reflected light.

Plane mirror is the most common type of mirror, which has a flat surface. Other type of mirror includes curved mirror which can be used to produce magnified, diminished images, or simply to distort the reflected image.

The behavior of light follows the law of reflection, whether the ray of light reflects off of a curved surface or a flat surface. In order to determine the direction in which an incident light ray would reflect, the normal to the surface at the point of incidence is determined. For a concave mirror, the normal at the incidence point on the surface is a line that extends through the center of the curvature. By drawing the normal, the angle of incidence can be calculated and the reflected ray can be drawn with this same angle.

The images formed by a plane mirror are of the same size as the original object as a parallel light ray changes its direction while remaining parallel. For a concave mirror, parallel light rays converge to intersect in the focus of the mirror. For a convex mirror, parallel light rays diverge from a common intersection point behind the mirror.

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