Choosing Family Law as a Profession

By: Rhine Delema

There are various fields you can choose from if you are a law student. You can choose from criminal, corporate, and family—to name a few. Let me tell you this. If your temperament and spirit is not as ferocious as those lawyers in criminal and corporate law, family law sure is the venue for you. Sure, family law lawyers might handle criminal and corporate cases. But mostly, it is only when they are representing a family in the legal courts. And that does not happen all the time. You will most likely draft family constitutions and deal with divorce and custody.

Family law lawyers need not be competent and scary. They, however, need to be very good with negotiations. Of course, all lawyers must have this quality, but those majoring in family law must be much more. In that premise, they must also possess diplomatic skills—damn good ones. You need to be more than learned in the family laws. That one should be a given. You should also educate yourself with the abuses and harassment often done inside the family—violence of parent to children and violence of husband to wife (and vice versa), among others.

You see, choosing to be a family law lawyer is not just choosing a field in law. It is choosing to crease out disputes and misunderstanding with the members of the family. As much as possible you must promote harmony within the household, not the other way around. That is even true in the subject of divorce. You should not act as a referee for a wrestling match. You should act as the diplomatic mediator between the two parties—or a diplomatic connector to the other party’s lawyer. You have to be always calm, even if your client is breathing fire.

There is a certain pride in being a family law lawyer. You get to maintain peace and harmony within a family. If you are pro-peace, this one is really great for you. I bet it is your earnest wish (no matter how cliché it may be) that world peace will eventually befall humankind. Well, making sure that the members of a family are not killing each other can be one version of that dream. That may just be one tiny matter in comparison to the world, but at least your doing something, right?

As we all know, the family is the basic unit of society. Without it, nations would not be built. Family law may be, in fact, the most decent field of law. Your job as a family law lawyer is more than just drafting family constitutions. Yes, it is your job to keep these people from killing each other. But it is also ensuring that the members of the family you are representing know the values and ideals of their family. Being a lawyer is a great profession. Choosing family law has a much greater purpose. Of course, it all depends on your own values, perception, and preference. Think about it. Perhaps dealing with family matters turns out to be your thing.

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