Choosing Cheap Beds

By: DanPartridge

Buying cheap beds for your home require some knowledge of the various types of beds, the kind of mattress included, and some timely planning.

One of the first things that people look for when refurbishing or moving into a new home are cheap beds. This does not mean that budget is the only consideration when buying new or additional beds for the home. Design factors as well as certain health conditions of the user are also important determinants of what kind of cheap beds will be bought by customers.

Nevertheless, the transaction almost always involves cheap beds. The foremost reason is that a household would likely need more quantities of it than any other home furniture.

As families grow, the number of beds to accommodate each member needs to grow as well. Similarly, you cannot expect children’s bed to continue to serve the sleeping needs of growing teenagers. Thus, for majority of consumers, cheap beds are the most in demand within the category of home furniture and beds.

Remember the following points when considering to buy cheap beds:

Type of Beds

There are as many kinds of beds as there are cultures in the world. In the commercial sense, however, there are several main types of bed that’s affordable enough to be considered cheap beds.

Wooden Beds – Bedsteads or bed frames made of wood are fairly common beds found in retail shops. The kind of wood used in constructing the bed is one factor that determines how much it would cost. There are single sized bedsteads made of pine that sell for a little under £100 (mattress not included). Don’t expect that beds made out of oak would be listed under cheap beds.

Metal Beds – For metal beds, the design and the metal craftsmanship adds significantly to the final price tag. Of course you should expect that bronse or gilded bedsteads are costlier. Also, those made from brass and wrought iron are definitely not cheap beds. Nevertheless, most metal beds in the market are made of cheaper welded steel which may go for as low as £75 without the mattress.

Divan Beds – Divans are priced slightly higher than bedsteads. However, divan beds are very utilitarian furnishings. As such, the extra cost for the storage features and flexibility to be turned to a day couch is well worth it. In fact, there are divans that would fetch for only £135 with the mattress already included.

Choice of Mattress

The kind of mattress you choose adds to the cost of your bed. Conventional cotton foam is the cheapest at under £90 for single size. If you need a firm back support, orthopaedic mattresses will cost around £130.

When to Buy

Most bed retailers go on sale around December or early January every once or two years. Chance upon these bargains at your local furniture market or bed factory outlet to get your best price for cheap beds. Then do your shopping for cheap beds in the morning after you have had a good night’s sleep, not when you are already exhausted, so you can properly gauge whether the bed is comfortable enough for your needs.

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