Choosing Blinds For Different Decorating Styles?

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We all have our own style. Differences in our taste in colours and furnishings is what makes each of our homes ‘ours’ and our personal style will affect the type of blinds we will want for our windows. Although we do have our different tastes, we can often find common themes which create certain styles. There is a range of different styles that we identify and we would like to look at some of the more broad styles. These are known as traditional, contemporary, formal and casual.

Traditional style is often classic, comfortable and casual. Contemporary is seen to be light, bright and airy. The formal style can be intricate, ornamental and established while a casual style is often relaxed, comfortable and inviting.

The following is a little information on each of these four main board style types.

The traditional decorating style is known to be classic, comfortable and casual. The traditional decorator is known to place furniture and accessories in the perfect position to create a feeling of predictability.

Decorating traditionally often involves using multi-coloured florals, mid-range tones and muted patterns. They will most likely stick to having a lighter colour on the walls and have darker toned furniture and furnishings. The furniture they use is often functional and comfortable. There will be no mismatching pairs and everything will be matching and symmetrical. When it comes to window coverings and choosing blinds, shutters or awnings, the traditional style decorator will often look into getting dark toned cedar blinds or timber blinds. If these blinds are not what they are looking for they may choose to decorate their windows with thick draperies. Cornices and valances are also often used in window decorating of the traditional style.

When someone is more of a formal decorator they are known to be more ‘old school’ with an intricate and ornamental decorating style. Some will often consider them to be fussy. Their rooms will often appear to be busy but at the same time will be very balanced and proportional.

Deep colours and intricate designs are a sign of a formal decorator. They will often use dark toned woods with shiny finishes. These shiny finishes are also used on fabrics and metals. These decorators are known to have antique furniture within their home and often will use furniture with decorative trims and fringes. Upholstery is often silk, velvet or other plush materials. Roman blinds are an idea choice if you are a formal decorator. The other option is for heavy, pooled drapes with valances and ornate ruffles and tassels.

Another decorating style is the contemporary style which is seen to be light, bright and airy. Contemporary decorates tend to stick to simple and clean lines which they accentuate with an eclectic assortment of accessories or furnishings. All of this together creates a sophisticated yet comfortable home.

White, neutrals and blacks are often chosen when decorating with a contemporary style. These will be accented with bold colours. Patterns are not as common with solid tones being use most of the time. Furniture used is simple and sleep, often with textured and natural fibre upholstery. When choosing blinds for the contemporary style , white aluminium venetian blinds can be a popular choice. Generally, blinds chosen will be made from environmentally friendly materials.

The last of the design styles is the casual style. This decorating style may be described as relaxed, comfortable and inviting. This designer chooses simple furntiture and decorations and often may have a slightly rustic feel. Casual styled rooms are unfussy and relaxed and often a place where everyone will chill, relax and hang out.

Colours used in a casual room will be contrasting. White will be used with bright and a mixture of patterns and solids are used. In a casual room texture is often more important than colour. Furniture tends to be soft, cozy and comfortable. Often it will be oversized and chunky. Aluminium venetian blinds in bold colours are often a window covering choice within this style. Vertical blinds and panel glides may be other options.

Now you know a little bit about each of the different styles, can you determine what your own style is? When you know it’ll make choosing the right blinds, shutters & awnings much easier.

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