Choosing Between Movies And Books

By: Patricia Morgan

Speaking about the Movie vs Book battle, there is no right or wrong. Characters differ and what’s good to one isn’t good to another, so finding a simple answer is quite challenging. Basically, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to such kind of choice. Nonetheless, scientists do their job, and do it well: they are trying to find the link between people’s personal characteristics and their choice in the battle of books and movies. As you probably know, book fans always insist on the fact that nothing compares with books. “Books are more detailed, fascinating, and give you a sensation of being present in a different space”, they say, and they are right in a way. On the other hand, there is a whole bunch of folks who believe that movies are much more expressive and fascinating than books. “Books are dull and dead, you can’t really see what’s happening, so how on Earth can you get an idea?”, movie fans reply, and their words make sense, too. So, why some people prefer visual effects while others remain the devout fans of reading? Without further explanation, let’s skip straight to the point and allow both sides to make a respectful remonstrance against their opponents.

What Movie Fans Have To Suggest

The first argument that crosses the mind speaking about movies is the fact that reading takes more effort. Much more effort in fact. Generally, reading a book is nothing but decoding, and any decoding job, although automated and unconscious, is quite difficult. Dietitians say that your body burns 91 calories per hour when you read! It is the best physical proof of reading’s being, let’s say, wearisome. That’s why many people enjoy visualized picture much more than dumb letters. Thus, you don’t have to waste your precious body fat and just enjoy the ready-made decoded messages! It’s a common-known fact that we think in visualized patterns, and transforming printed words into these patterns isn’t necessary when you watch a film. Going to the cinema is another way to reveal the plot and characters and also to consider the director’s point of view and vision. So, movie is the best way to go for bone-idles.

The next great thing about watching films is the fact that it only takes a couple of hours while reading books can take ages. Seriously, not all of us can afford to spend several hours a day on sitting in the armchair with a book. If this book is a page-turner – well, lucky you are, but what if it requires slow and thoughtful approach? It might take you ages to finish a book, and besides, you have no guarantees that it is worth it. Unlike books, movies are not so time-consuming. This feature appears to be very attractive in our fast-paced society. So, choosing a movie you can save some time for yourself. Besides, you can just feel exhausted or be troubled by something, and in such case watching a movie is definitely the right choice as compared to reading.

What Book Fans Have To Object

However fascinating a screen version may be, the majority of people would rather read the book first. Unlike video presentation, paper pages stimulate our imagination. Being “higher, faster, stronger” in terms of intelligence is crucial in our society. When we read we memorize the words and expressions, boost our vocabulary, and broaden our outlook. These things are just crucial if you want to be an empowered and informed member of modern society.

Moreover, the images visualized by the movie director and your own vision of the story, main characters, and entourage can be totally different. Thus, the movie can turn out to be a complete anticipointment. Another thing to say here is the fact that books are more detailed and give you a better understanding of things. You just can’t present a definite picture of the action based on the movie. A reader rules the action; a watcher is ruled. It’s up to you to choose what type you belong.

All in all, tastes differ. In a nutshell, books can make you smarter by launching your thought processes, but watching a movie can open the door to the mysterious world of imagination. The choice may depend on your mood as well. Thus, if you are dog tired after work and doesn’t feel like thinking at all, movie would be a better way to go for you. Remember just one thing: read or watched, a good plot and interesting characters deserve your attention.

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