Choosing A Personal Trainer

By: Mel Joelle

If you want to take your fitness to the next level, consider using a personal trainer to meet your goals. A personal trainer can show you new ways to work out or provide encouragement and accountability. Whatever your fitness level, you can benefit from meeting with a trainer.

There are several things to consider when choosing a personal trainer to make sure you get the best experience for your money. Even if you’re assigned a trainer from a gym, feel free to ask them questions at your first meeting. You can always request a new trainer if the first one doesn’t meet your needs.

First, you’ll want to make sure your trainer is certified through a reputable organization. A degree isn’t required, but a license will ensure that they know the correct form and techniques for exercises. They should also have some experience working with people in a similar fitness level as you, especially if you have a particular focus in mind. For instance, if you plan to participate in a triathlon, it would be helpful if they have competed themselves or worked with others who’ve competed.

If you have health conditions or previous injuries, you will want someone knowledgeable about those problems to prevent other complications. Someone who is educated on your condition will know how to get the best results from exercise without causing you pain or further injury.

You can watch how trainers interact with their clients to get an idea of how they would work with you. They should be focused on their client and not looking around the gym or talking to other people.

A trainer should periodically reassess you and the goals you’ve set; look for one who mentions this in your initial meeting. You should be working toward pre-planned goals rather than just mindlessly exercising.

A trainer should be available to work with your schedule. Ask them about their flexibility. Find out what their policy is for missed sessions.

Personality is another aspect to consider because you’ll be working closely with your trainer. If you choose someone and don’t get along, the partnership won’t work. It should be a pleasant experience or you won’t want to keep the appointments.

If you have specific requests for certain areas you want to work on or if you prefer a male or female trainer, let the facility know that before they assign you a trainer.

When choosing a personal trainer, get recommendations from friends or co-workers. Many places allow you to request a specific person, but you may be put on a waiting list if they are currently full. However, they may recommend someone else until they have an opening.

Find out if you can do a single session before you commit with a trainer to see how you work together. If you’re considering using a personal trainer, contact Achieve Personal Fitness to set up a consultation or sign up for a session. They can answer any questions you may have about using a personal trainer.

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