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Most people have an ambition of getting an automotive school degree but donít know what types of job the automobile companies offer. And if you too are among them then, you need not worry as there are various automobile jobs available today.

With time, the usage and ownership of car have grown tremendously and so anyone with automobile school degree can have an assured job.

Given below are the types of job available in the automobile industries:

1.Automotive Technician Jobs: People with this job have to perform numerous tasks other than just changing the oil. An automobile technician performs other tasks such as; filter replacement and other such maintenance related task. They can also be hired for mounting and dismounting wheels, balancing wheels, performing tune-ups and for changing brake pads.

2.Lube and Oil Technician job: Car needs to be maintained on a regular basis. Changing oil is one-step which is involved in the maintenance of the cars. For the maintenance of the cars, many garages, oil and lube store and workshops have come up. These jobs are provided to those who have the knowledge and experience to perform these maintenance tasks quickly. Graduates from such type of schools will be getting the job easily because they are more knowledgeable and experienced in all these works.

3.Auto Mechanic Jobs: Mechanics need to require more education and experience that compared to the technicians. The job of a mechanic includes more difficult task and may also do the task of technicians. Task of a mechanic is to perform replacement tasks such as replacements of struts and shocks, drive shaft, alternators, and starters. Anyone with an automobile school degree may apply for this job. Mechanics are given all the necessary hands-on training that is required for the job.

4.Auto Body and Paint Specialists Job: A person with the work of repairing the damages on the vehicle is known as auto body and paint specialists. Due to the increase in the number of accidents these people are in great demand. Task of an auto body technician is to replace the exterior body part of the automobile and also repairs the damage. A paint technician applies paint to the vehicle after repairing damage.

5.Master Mechanics Job: A graduate from an automobile school will be happy and proud of this particular job. This kind of job is available at a high quality automobile shop, dealership maintenance workshop or garage. The payment package of a master mechanic is higher than that of a mechanic or technician.

6.Automobile Designing and Engineering Job: In the auto world, this is the most esteemed job. The work of the auto expert is to design the look of a car. This particular job is in great demand because of the always changing technology and competition in the automobile industry. A person with good understanding of the theory of auto as well as the engineering practices may apply for this job.

These are some of the jobs that are available for the automotive school graduates. There are also other jobs such as; auto motive repair jobs, store manager jobs, automotive service manager job etc. Auto industries are often require people for many jobs in different sectors of automobiles. Over all automobile industry is constantly growing and so will be the jobs related to automotive.

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