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By: Mark Lopes

When there is the time to do the Cremation of a loved one there are lots of choices to be made. Amongst the major decisions to be undertaken are the types of container to choose the urn to be purchased or to make a selection of the keepsake for keeping the same as a thing of memory of your loved one. As there are too many choices available, the selection could be done as per the budget and if there had been any preference laid down by the loved one. In this article we would talk about some of the Cremation options and the major types of Cremation.
What are Cremation Caskets and Containers?
The Cremation caskets are found in the market in many styles. These are for keeping the body to be cremated. These could be found suitable for all the services ranging from the one which has a visitation, to viewing and also gathering. The containers on the other hand are created out of composite as well as solid wood components. These are to be selected if the procedure of private viewing has been selected.
About the Urns
As the Cremation process has taken place it is the time to provide a dignified receptacle to the remains. This is provided by selecting the correct Urn. The urn at times becomes the main point of the memorial service and could serve as the permanent memorial for the one who has died. The type of urn which is selected greatly depends on the activity which the family member is going to do with the cremated remains. So, you can select an Urn that can help in scattering of the remains, for display at the home and for interment in a plot or niche.
Some bits about Keepsake Urns and Jewelry
Keepsake urns are smaller than the urns which are full sized. These are manufactured for holding some portion of the remains, the lock of the hair as well as the ceremonial flowers. These objects are handy and would allow one in sharing the remains of their loved ones with ease.
Keepsake Jewelry is designed for keeping the small portion of the remains within it. The remains are the different as well as the elegant way for holding the loved ones memories close to the heart. Also the Jewelry helps in a fashionable as well as the lasting remembrance. The jewelry is available for both men as well as the women in varied styles and the selection of matching piece could be done for sharing the lasting as well as the special bond.
Types of Cremation
The major types of this process from which the choice could be made are the:
1. Direct process- In this there is no service performed while cremating the body.
2. Cremation with memorial service- It is performed without the deceased and is done prior to service.
Apart from the above options the Cremation with a funeral service is also seen. So, the selection of the correct Cremation options is to be done for best Cremation of the one whom you had loved.

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