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By: Stephen John

If there's one thing couples dread about weddings, then it has to be the preparations for the event. Weddings are supposed to be blissful affairs, right? Unfortunately, many stress themselves out and mind the small details, up to the very last minute. The coordination and arrangements should be entrusted to the best man and the maid of honor, if etiquette follows through. This is easier said than done, though, especially with obsessive-compulsive couples who take the reins and commandeer everything just the same. It is true the wedding goes by in such a blur there's a chance you won't even enjoy your cake. Speaking of cake, you should expect the catering service to take out a huge chunk of your budget.

Scout Caterers as Early as You Can

If you can't let go of the arrangements and you prefer to have everything your way, then the least you can do is ensure the details of the catering service is settled early on. Scouting for caterers is easy enough, but it's the cost of the service that'll bite. It doesn't really matter if you're going to splurge or scrimp on the food, what's important is you squeeze every drop of value out of what you pay for. It starts with the menu, and it's better if you choose a caterer who specializes on the dishes you prefer to serve. Many caterers accommodate as many requests as possible, but these also offer specialties to stand out from the competition. Contact each caterer with offers that match your preference.

Value is Preferable to Cost

Focus on value, not on the cost. Sure, there's bound to be a comfortable limit on how much you should spend, but you should put this concern to rest and find a caterer within a modest price range. You can ask the caterers you've handpicked about they're pricing terms, if they offer flat rates for service or pile in the costs per item. Flat rates are preferable if you're on a budget, but you'll pay dearly for anything that exceeds the terms of service on your wedding day. It's up to you to ensure the venue and the guest list is covered for; if you can't, then it's sound investment to hire a wedding coordinator to handle all of the legwork.

Caterers with Other Services to Offer

Many caterers offer the complete package, at the right price. Yours could assume the role of events coordinator during the receptions, ensuring guests are ushered properly through the motions, the meet-and-greet, the photo opportunities, the accommodations, and the transitions. You can hire wait staff and rent facilities, especially if you're going to serve per-plate meals. Buffets still require minimal service, and caterers need to setup portable kitchens for dishes served on the spot.

Don't Scrimp on Quality

Whatever you do, don't scrimp on anything at the cost of quality and safety. There are thousands of ways caterers could cut costs at the expense of integrity, and the price of the service isn't really an indicator you're spared from any of these. Visit if you're considering caterers that deliver to expectations. Your wedding still has so many loose ends, and it's welcome relief you've sorted out one of these early so you could move on.

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