Cholesterol Treatment Choices - Learn to Lower Cholesterol Without Getting Statins

By: Beverly Chung

Cholesterol treatment options to statins are becoming more popular due to the fact that people are still worried about the side aftereffects of statins. And, it's not merely the medial side aftereffects of statins that are an issue, we also need to question if people are set on statins too readily without having to be offered any cholesterol treatment solutions, because once somebody is on statins they are on them for a lifetime and coincidentally these are the most successful drugs ever made.

Before we look into cholesterol treatment solutions, let's first have a look at the problems of experiencing high cholesterol levels. An excessive amount of LDL-cholesterol in the blood leads to an accumulation of plaque and this plaque can block the arteries which in turn cuts off the supply of blood to the heart causing heart attacks. Along with that bits of this plaque can break down which can create clots that occur in several places in the torso, and if one of these places is in the brain then it'll lead to a stroke and starve the brain of oxygen.

When getting cholesterol in order we don't want to totally eliminate LDL-cholesterol since we do need a number of it for healthier body function, however if we've two little of it then the negative effects of that could be the hormone and cell characteristics being interrupted and also lower serotonin which affects emotions. Scientists have found associations in individuals with reduced cholesterol levels that have also and depression feelings to be suicidal.

When we look at cholesterol treatment options to statins, what we are finally looking to do would be to get as much HDL cholesterol which can be the good cholesterol, into your body and decrease the LDL-cholesterol. Some approaches to increase the amount of HDL cholesterol is also increase your amount of Omega threes that you consume in food such as for instance walnuts or fatty fish. Not just do these help increase the amount of HDL that you've in your blood however they may also help to lessen the amount of plaque at the exact same time.

Ways your LDL levels can be decreased by you is by reducing the amount of trans and saturated fat foods that you eat. You find saturated fats in foods such as red meat and butter for instance: you find trans fats which are known to dramatically raise LDL levels frequently in fast foods, such as fried chicken, pastries, pies and german chips etc... And also some margarine develops.

If you're looking for cholesterol treatment alternatives in the form of supplements then there are some specific things that you need to have in the product for it to be really successful, even though being careful in what you're eating is an excellent start. A supplement to help your body control cholesterol has to retain the following ingredients:

Rice Bran Oil

The reasons why these components are important are because some of them help to inhibit cholesterol synthesis, some of them help to reduce the oxidization of cholesterol, some of them help to absorb the number of cholesterol going swimming in the body and eventually some of them help to change this cholesterol to bile salts so that it is excreted from the body. The main thing to learn is that all of these materials that are listed are generally available on their own, however on their own they are not to successful they really must be mixed so that they work with one another.

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