Child Development Begins with Basic Toys

By: Raymond Dabbas

In the imagination of a youthful child, the simplest object can turn into something new and magical. A thing as simple as a rock can be turned into a stock car or an airplane, and a giant box made from cardboard can be converted into a jet rocket for that trip to the moon. Imaginative play represents a large portion of a child’s playing time.

Encourage your children to take part in make-believe as it's a known type of imaginary games that promotes tools in numerous regions of their development.Creative and dramatic games enables kids to apply the practices that they have learned about to the real world.Smaller kids sometimes play house in order to work through situations they find difficult, like a trip to the physician’s office or fears they may have about the dark. A youngster who has just learned some interesting facts about dinosaurs may use rocks and little tiny dinosaurs to reinvent the world the dinosaurs lived in.Toys such as miniature household appliances made of metal or wooden dollhouses with miniature furnishings invite children to try out different duties and develop their social and emotional skills.

A child's mind is not only a simple way of entertaining oneself. It is an important thing that helps turn them into the adults they are to meant to be. Setting up pretend settings and scenes puts the child in that very instance and enables them to deal with obstacles that arise, and feel compassion for the imaginary people that they make. Learning lessons that over a period of time, will prepare them for their transition into adulthood.

Children learn to take turns and proportion as they develop important problem solving skills through cooperative dramatic play.Youngsters will learn to use teamwork to deal with an issue through group play. Children who participate in pretend play work together with others and helps them with leadership. Children can enhance their own self-esteem and boost their own self-confidence by testing out different scenarios.

Pretend playtime also helps kids to begin to tell the difference in fantasy and the real world.
Things such as wooden doll furniture assists kids in developing speaking skills. A basic pre-reading skill,preschoolers learn to develop their own stories during play and soon realize the connection between written and spoken words. Their language will begin to expand in the mind as the kids come forward to learn how to put to use of new words and how they are taught some special words that are related to their likes.

To promote pre-reading/writing skills, it is recommended you provide books, crayons and paper, and various toys that allow the child to use his/her imagination in play. Helping your child build their adding skills is as easy as providing them a shopping cart and cash register, while they are playing like they are shopping they will be using addition to add up their items. Playing make-believe also helps to develop cognitive abilities. Kids will use important cognitive skills, as well as logic, to determine who plays what role or how to build a pretend fort. Imaginary play has many benefits, including teaching self restraint and appropriate behavior patterns. Advanced creative thinking skills will begin to form as children learn to use one thing to represent something else, for instance, using a rock to represent food.
The best items for pretend play are those objects your child sees every day in their day to day life. There are a variety of wooden toys out there for creative play, including miniature play sets like barns and jungles, dollhouses, and kitchen furniture. Little cars, scoot along toys, and rocking horses also provide imaginary play opportunities and are often made of wood. Wooden toys are harmless and much more durable than plastic, giving your child hours of challenging and appropriate playtime as well as the children of the future.

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