Chief Hazards Associated With Moulding and Plastic Product Line

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Moulding process may have become very popular and it may have benefitted the industry in a very positive manner. But the process is not free from its demerits. Every coin has two sides. And surely, this technology too comes at some expense. There are hazards involved with the plastic product line technology. Every technology comes with its share of dangers and risks and this one is no different.

Here are some of the chief hazards associated with the process:

i. Pollution and a strong negative impact on the environment: Even a child learns through his text books about the consequences of plastic use. While polythene bags have been banned in many countries, we cannot altogether do away with plastic products. Plastic-made objects enjoy a massive presence in our life since most of electronic and consumer products that we use are made using this non-biodegradable material. The problem with it is that because of its non-biodegradable nature, it can pollute the nature for eternity once it is disposed or dumped. Around any plastic company building, special efforts are taken to ensure that wastages are not dumped in sewages or water bodies. But the public, in general, may just throw away any product after its use has been fully exploited. Statistics show that thousands of tons of plastics are dumped on the oceans and lakes every year all over the world. They just settle in the bottom or float around, creating havoc amidst marine life. When they are dumped on land, they easily get crushed and buried under soil and stay there forever. They cause great harm to the microbial life.

ii. Depletion of natural resource: Pipe production line technique makes plastics and molds for which some essential natural resources are exhausted. Petroleum is the resource which is used the most. It is being observed that this liquid gold is getting depleted very fast owing to mass production of plastics.

iii. Hazards to workers: Though safety measures are deployed in any plastic company building, accidents do occur on sporadic basis. The production requires some complicated processes which pose their own brand of risks. For instance, the entire process of molding requires the temperatures to go very high. Working under such infernal conditions can be lethal to the body in many ways, even if direct contact is avoided. Direct contact can obviously char the whole skin or even cause death. This is another area where concerns have been raised and efforts are being increased for added protection.

iv. Noise pollution: Technology involving plastic product line leads to noise pollution. Since heavyweight machines are deployed for the purpose, it is easy to see that noises can reach ear-splitting level. Sometimes, the decibel level can create various health hazards like headaches, migraine and other issues related to brain, heart, etc. Pipe production line workers often have to wear ear masks to curb the impact of heavy noise. Unfortunately, small firms do not invest on special ear plugs and some firms just do not give much importance to this issue.

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