Chicken Little - a big hero in a little body

By: Steve Collins

In the time-honored tale of Chicken Little, the protagonist was a small barnyard hen who was hit on the head by a falling acorn. Rather than stopping and thinking about what happened logically, she became convinced that the sky was falling and that the king of the land needed to be warned.

As she scurried to the castle, she was met by a number of other animals of the field and barnyard, including Goosey Loosey, Drakey Lakey, Turkey Lurkey and Ducky Lucky. Each of these characters is convinced by Chicken Little that the sky is falling and soon join her on her quest to tell the king.

When finally they run into Foxy Loxy, a fox who offers to take all of them to the king in his sizeable sack, the story takes a dark turn. Of course the fox has no intention of ever taking them to the king and has many plans to simply devour the credulous fowl.

In the Disney film of the same name, Chicken Little is rewritten as a young male rooster who at a young age alarmed his town by declaring that the sky was falling. He is met with ridicule from the town and shame from his father, forcing him to become something of an outcast. He finds companionship by hanging out with other children who were often bullied by Foxy Loxy and Goosey Loosey. Chicken Little's friends include Abby Mallard, who is referred to as the Ugly Ducking, Runt of the Litter, and Fish out of Water, who wears a glass bowl full of water around his head.

Chicken Little manages to shine during a memorable baseball game, but during his celebration, manages to be hit by another piece of the sky. Before he loses his senses, he sees that this piece of the sky is actually a part of an invisible alien spacecraft. The aliens leave, but not before one of them has been left behind. Chicken Little, who has once again rung the bell to warn his town, is once again ridiculed.

The gears start turning when the aliens return for their lost child and start vaporizing the townspeople, including among them, Foxy Loxy and the mayor. When the small alien is reclaimed by his parents, the people who were laser beamed are revealed to have been taken aboard the ship and are returned unharmed. Everything returns to normal and the movie ends with Hollywood arriving to make a summer blockbuster smash out of the recent events.

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Steve Collins is a Author and Journalist based in California. A huge Disney fan, he uses the Disney Movie Club to complete his collection. Read his reviews of the Disney Movie Club movies here.

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