Check List For The Best Ebook Cover

By: Rudy Silva

So now you have completed your ebook, you want to know what to do next. If you have not yet created your sales letter, now is the time. Once you do that, you are ready to create your cover design ebook image.

Once you have your sales letter created, itís time to put your cover design ebook on the website. A creative design will enhance the appearance of your site and make you look like a serious business. Placing the ebook in the right location is a skill you need to develop.

You want your ebook cover to be unique so that readers of your site will remember your site and come back a second time if necessary. You want a cover that pulls the reader in and pushes the ebook title into their face and memory. Use the ebook cover to get your readers attention and he will remember at least your ebook cover. Here are some key rules when designing ebook cover.

Choose a good and short title so that when you put this information on the ebook cover, the writing is legible and readable. With a short title, you can make the fonts larger and thus readable.

Always have your cover design ebook graphics designed and created by an ebook cover service, unless you can produce a quality design yourself. Having a creative ebook cover can increase your sales by up to 30 to 400% depending on your niche and ebook cover design.

Use good size fonts so that the title is readable. Make the subtitles and other wording with smaller fonts. Use the same type of fonts for all of your cover design ebook content. If you want, you can use two fonts but no more. You can also use special effect fonts to make your title standout.

Get an ebook cover that is unique by choosing the colors, fonts and special effects that make your ebook look professional and clean. Keep the appearance and color of you cover in step with your web site.

Choose the color for your fonts carefully. The color blue projects truth, wealth, acceptance, calmness, cooperation, and trust. Orange brings out feelings of health courage, cheerfulness, and friendliness. But yellow excites understanding, caution, warmth, joy. Purple brings out creativity, sophistication and spirituality. Black has authority, serious, and sophistication.

This is a start for when you go about creating your cover design ebook. Just pay close attention to all the details that go into every part of your ebook cover and you will end up with cover that excites people to hit your buy button. If you donít know how to do part of your cover do some research or use an ebook cover service. There are some services that provide quality ebook covers at very low cost.

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