Cheap Tips That Can Sell Your Home

By: Hal James

The good times of the real estate market earlier this decade have been followed up by very bad times. You are going to face a lot of competition if you want to sell your home. The following tips can help and they won't cost you a bundle.

The sense of smell is an important one. If someone in the home smokes, you need to deal with the odor. Wash the walls with an ammonia based cleaner. Make sure to replace the filter in the heating and air conditioning systems as well.

Dripping faucets in the middle of the night are a form of torture. They also turn off buyers. Check all your faucets. If they leak, replace the washers. If they are beaten up or don't turn well, replace the entire faucet.

Certain parts of a home tell a potential buyer all they need to know about how you took care of the home while living there. The baseboards are one such area. Make sure yours are in perfect shape with no dings, scratches or marks.

In a perfect world, we would never even touch most of the walls in a home. This is not a perfect world as we all know. If you have holes, dents or cracks, hire a handyman to repair them for a nominal fee and match the paint.

You've spent big dollars on your doors and windows. They look great and are a strong selling point. There is only one problem. Your screens look like they've been in a hurricane. Replace any screen that is bent, beaten up or just looks bad.

The front door of your home is a focus point for buyers. A quality front door can make a good impression. The opposite can occur with a poor one. Guess which one you want to have? Do what is necessary to make it happen.

And then there is sweat equity. Yep, landscaping. You might have a thing for the jungle look, but most potential buyers will not. Cut back the jungle. Cut the grass. Edge the pathways. Plant some flowers. Just have at it.

There are certain parts of your home that are out of sight, out of mind. Your roof is one. Nothing screens run away to a buyer like a roof with problems. Inspect yours and have all broken shingles and so on repaired.

It is important to understand that there doom and gloom surrounding the current real estate market is a bit misleading. Yes, things are bad, but they are not at a complete stand still. With these tips, you can sell your home.

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