Changing Your Name in a Changing Industry

By: Rebecca Worthlin

Most people accept that change is a part of life. We all have a slightly different perspective on just what change means and those perspectives depend heavily on our own personal experiences.

Some of us see it as exciting. Others see it as uncomfortable. Others see it as scary. Still others see it as necessary. Regardless of your definition; there's one thing you can't argue. And that is that change happens.

But can change be knowledgeable? When it comes to changing industries that's exactly what I'm going to argue.

Changing industries are very accurate depictions of the changes in the purchasing habits of the particular industry's target market. An industry that ignores the needs of its consumer group's needs and wants will quickly find their profit margins falling. Changes to what the consumers are looking for actually run the entire industry.

This definition of "change" directly related to large industries makes a lot of sense.

For instance take the car industry. Car dealerships make changes. Even the most successful car dealerships make changes. Actually, let me rephrase that, especially the most successful car dealerships make changes. You can't stay stagnant and expect to continue to thrive. Individuals change and the group is based upon the a bunch of individuals' needs.

For instance, for 31 years Honda Cars of Mesa was happy being Honda Cars of Mesa. And their customers were happy with the cars they purchased and the service they received. But recently Honda Cars of Mesa has made some big changes. First of which was to change their name to San Tan Honda Superstore of Chandler.

They settled in to a new 14 acre location in the San Tan section of Loop 202 and Gilbert Road in Chandler, Arizona. They've packed their huge new dealership with a wide variety of Hondas for consumers to choose from; they're actually the largest Honda dealership in the state of Arizona. They have more service bays than ever before and an additional express service area for those times when it's necessary. Their beautiful new showroom (in the midst of their 105,000 square foot building) provides consumers with the fabulous presentation they crave. All departments are now open longer, rental cars are available on site and they offer a courtesy shuttle service to make things ultra convenient!

So think about this the next time you find yourself facing change. Maybe it's doesn't have to be scary or even exciting. Maybe you can take a step back and look at it in the same way you might examine a big industry change. Maybe your change is knowledgeable, too. And you just don't know it. Take a closer look and see what it can tell you. You might be surprised.

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