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By: Larry Taggart

With each passing year, the revenue generated by the online businesses has gone up. In 1999, DoDots Tony Medrano came up with a new technology to make it easier for online content feeders to upload the freshest content. DoDots Inc., the organization founded by Tony Medrano, proposed the idea of using Dots for updating and distributing mobile online content. With some high-value investment, DoDots Tony Medrano is now completely geared up to make your online business to go places.

Here are some stats that will show you why it makes complete business sense to take your online data to mobiles.

Mobile internet usage has become a part of daily routine for a huge number of smartphone and tablet users, worldwide. The technology has enabled them to access as well as share information while on the go. So, use of mobile internet is showing an upward trend and it is predicted by the experts that mobile data traffic globally will increase by almost seven-fold between 2016- 21. As of February of 2017, 49.74% worldwide web page views were on mobiles and as of 2018, the percentage has safely crossed 50%. The Asian and the African countries lead the pack as far as mobile internet consumption is concerned.

Countries like Nigeria, India, South Africa, Indonesia, and Thailand (in that order) are the leading consumers of mobile internet. The highest rate of penetration of mobile broadband subscription is in the Americas and Europe at 78.2% and 76.6% respectively. No matter where you look, mobile internet is here to stay and more people are going to consume online content on their devices.

These stats give you a clear idea that it is time for you to move your online content from desktops to mobile. One of the best ways to make this change is to use Dots, a solution that comes to you from DoDots Tony Medrano. DoDots and its partner 2Roam have now joined hands together to ensure that you are now able to deploy your online content on mobile handsets.

With the use of Dots, data from consumer portals can be collected. This data can then be turned on or off, collected and moved together on the desktop. And all this is possible through a few clicks of the mouse. What Dots can do is let you deliver your content quickly and with complete ease. This means that whenever you update your online content, you can do so in a short period of time so that your online consumers have the latest to consume. The Dots can sit on your desktop and get deployed with multiple applications including streaming media, e-commerce and other transactions, JavaScript, HTML, games and music.

Under the guidance of DoDots Tony Medrano, DoDots Inc. has seen significant investments from some of the best-known global investors. Add to this its partnership with 2Roam and the organization has been able to scale up its capabilities in a significant manner. This technology allows you to move mobiles, something every online business is trying to do. And the best part is that all this can be achieved quickly and easily with Dots.

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You need to know about DoDots Tony Medrano because you can use his solution to change the way you do your online business. DoDots Tony Medrano lets you keep your content fresh with Dots.

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