Ceramic Tile Projects – Follow Through

By: Charles Kassotis

You’ve finished that flooring project and your new ceramic tile looks terrific. But you are now faced with a couple of dilemmas. What should you do with those leftover and broken tiles? And how can you bring your new flooring into harmony with the rest of your room? There are some very inexpensive crafting projects that will answer both questions.

Remember that ceramic tile isn’t just for floors. If you’ve done a kitchen floor, consider also tiling a countertop with the same tile. Remember that some ceramic tile may not be as durable as some other countertops, so be sure you’re using a tile that will work well as a counter.

If you’re not looking to refinish countertops, why not use some of that ceramic tile to create a splash guard on the wall behind your kitchen sink? Behind the stove is another wall that will take ceramic tile well, and it has the added advantage of easy cleanup – even when the grime includes grease from the stove. Walls are a bit different than floors when it comes to applying ceramic tile, so be sure to get the necessary information before you start.

Maybe you only have a few tiles left. If they’re larger tiles and you’ve retiled the kitchen floor, use those extra tiles as protectors for your cabinets. Those tiles will take heat well, so you can use them as mats when you remove a pan from the stove. Place one in the middle of your kitchen table as the centerpiece. Add a pretty flower arrangement in coordinating colors.

If you’ve got large tiles and an artistic flair, grab a paintbrush and let your imagination run wild. Use a plate hanger to mount your creations on the wall. If you’ve just done ceramic tile in some other room, use them as a background for photos. Print out paper copies of your favorite pictures, cut them into interesting shapes and glue them to the tile. Add a coat of clear enamel and hang them on a wall. If you’ve got smaller tiles, use the same idea to create one-of-a-kind coasters. Or simply use them plain. Store them in a pretty basket for a touch of color when they’re not in use.

Looking to really be creative? Here’s an idea that works well with several different colors of tile. Save your broken tiles and pieces. If you don’t have many, put a few in a paper bag and give them a couple of good whacks with a hammer. Sketch a simple design on the top of a table then use the tile to roughly fill in the sketch. Glue down and grout to create a unique table that will carry over the colors of your floor.

There are lots of ways to use leftover and broken ceramic tile after you’ve finished your flooring project. Let your imagination run wild and you’ll find that you’ve got a great way to carry the color and texture throughout your room.

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