Cement Floor Grinding

By: Sarah Carlye

For existing cement floors in a residence or in a commercial building, a contractor may consider the option of cement floor grinding. The reason concrete floor grinding may be chosen is to do instant concrete floor repair. It is a low cost and effective option when there are minor to moderate repairs needed on a cement floor. Repairs often need to be done before adding decorative elements like staining, etching, faux finishes, etc.

Smaller cement grinders (size of a large vacuum cleaner) are ideal for grinding down and removing 1/16 to 1/8 inch of a cement surface. For small areas and hard to reach areas, there are hand held cement floor grinders. There are commercial cement grinders that can grind deeper effectively and efficiently. These grinders are larger and some have as many as three sets of discs that work simultaneously to grind a cement floor quickly and efficiently. There is drivable equipment that sandblasts the surface of a cement floor. A contractor will have access to commercial cement floor grinding equipment and experienced floor grinders to assure a smooth and even surface.

Cement grinders are usually equipped with a rubber sleeve that contains the dust and a vacuum that removes the dust from the surface and keeps it out of the air. The small personal use floor grinders may not have this feature. Precautions will need to be taken to protect the user and those around them from the harmful affects of inhaling the dust. After the floor is ground down there is additional clean up required with these cement grinders. Some grinders use water to keep the dust down, but this is not a good option for residential and indoor cement floor grinding. Options and accessories available for cement floor grinders:

• Brushes
• Grinding stones
• Disc hardness
• Scarifiers
• Diamond-segmented inserts
• Counter rotating disc

Cement grinders may be able to be used to polish cement floors by attaching softer pads. Changing to a softer pad is also done to grind more sensitive surfaces and to avoid grinding too deep down on the cement surface.

For professional cement floor grinding, go to Concrete Floor Solutions to assure you get the smooth, even, and level surface that is needed before staining, engraving, or resurfacing a cement floor when remodeling or maintaining a cement floor. Concrete Floor Solutions uses a dust-free and water-free diamond grinding surface preparation system. Contact theme today for a quote.

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