Celebrity Sunglass Trends

By: Sarah Carlye

Something that intrigues most people about celebrities is the fashion choice that they make. One such trend is with the sunglasses that these celebrities wear. This is actually one of the fashion trends that are closely monitored because the sunglasses that they wear are what end up being popular with non-celebrities, also. Some celebrities are even well known for the sunglasses that they wear. With this in mind, here are some celebrities who are worthy of watching when watching the type of sunglasses that are in style.

Stacy Ferguson

Fergie is the personification of theatrical hip-hop music. This is also true whenever it comes to hip hop fashion as well. So, it should come as no surprise that this is also true of her choice in sunglasses. These too usually follow right along with her hip-hop fashion trends. She is always wearing a pair of shades that are edgy, youthful, and sleek. One of the trendier styles that she enjoys wearing is a very futuristic looking pair of sunglasses that make her look as though she has just stepped out of the Star Trek set.

Paris Hilton

Whenever people stop to think about celebrity sunglasses they usually think of Paris Hilton. Her style is quite playful and flirty. The sunglasses that she chooses to wear reflect that she really does know how to enjoy life. If Channel were to design a pair of heart shaped sunglasses, you can be sure that Paris Hilton would be the first one to be seen wearing them. You can also be sure that the rest of the world would then follow right along.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is the modern day Audrey Hepburn thanks to the timeless style and class that she shows. This cannot be seen any clearer than whenever you look at the sunglasses that she chooses to wear, which always top the celebrity trends list. She is always wearing a cool pair of classic shades that have an air of mystery and importance to them.


Bono is the only one who could possibly pull off combining the rock star look coupled with the chic style. His choice of sunglasses rocks both of these things. He has been known to wear a pair of European wrap-around shades during his musical performances. It is these sunglasses that have made him an icon within the music world.

Brad Pitt

Anything Brad Pitt wears looks hot. However, his choice of sunglasses definitely embodies an effortless, stress-free style that truly shows off just how sexy he truly is. He can be seen out and about on the town being a sexy dad or riding his motorcycle with a pair of aviator style sunglasses on. These reflect his cool and relaxed style no matter where he goes.

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