Causes and Treatments for Eye Pain

By: Emily Hernandez

Your left eye has been bothering you for several days already. You don't have any idea as to why it feels distressing. Waste no time; carry out some home care or see your eye doctor in Arizona immediately.

Eye pain is when you feel there is something inside or something is going on in the surface of your eye (ocular pain) or when there is something taking place within your eye (orbital pain). With ocular pain, it seems like your eye is burning or itchy due to infection or foreign articles in the eye. This may be treated by relaxing, washing or using eye drops. Orbital pain, however, may give you pounding or stabbing discomfort. This requires therapy from your doctor. But if eye pain is accompanied by vision loss, you must seek immediate medical attention.

Ocular pain can be brought on by these particular eye conditions: pink eye, corneal abrasions, eye style and blepharitis. It can also be the outcome of chemical burn. Orbital pain, on the other hand, can be brought on by the said diseases: iritis, migraine, optic neuritis and glaucoma.

Inform the specialist if you experience swelling and redness in the eye, particularly if it is already deteriorating. Similarly, check with him if you see yellow or green mucus coming out of the eye and if you notice change in vision, as well as double vision. Tell your eye doctor in Arizona also if your headache or sensitivity to bright light is now worse.

Some eye pain can be treated at home. If you are wearing contacts, stop from using them to give your eye the time to breathe and feel comfortable. Gently remove the foreign object in your eye by cleaning it with water or eyewash. You may also submerge your face in a bowl of water and try to open and shut your eyes. Another way to get over eye pain is to prevent exposure to bright light. For instance, reduce the brightness of your computer or TV monitor. You may similarly place cold compress to the affected region for about 20 to 30 minutes every one to two hours. If you have not seen any improvement in your case or you really want to seek professional guidance, you may go to your eye specialist.

Eye pain can be diagnosed in three ways: dilating drops, slit-lamp exam and tonometer. Dilating drops increase the pupil. These therefore enable the healthcare specialist to check deeper into the eye. Slit-lamp exam utilizes bright light to check the entire structure of the eye. Tonometer has the ability to discover high pressures brought by the glaucoma.

Treatment differ on the cause of eye pain. For instance, if your case is relating to corneal abrasions and ulcerations, your ophthalmologist may give antibiotic eye drops (to stop your eye from getting infected), pain medication and eye ointment. This is why you should see your eye doctor in Arizona. He will ask you regarding the symptoms, figure out the cause, perform diagnosis and provide the necessary treatment.

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