Causes and Effects of Overweight

By: ajay kumar singh

Overweight has touched epidemic proportion in India in the 21 century. It is affecting the significant percent of populations. Indians are steadily becoming more obesity and overweighed. Obesity is the body health condition which generally describes the weight of the body. It is a term that related to the bodyweight which is much greater than the healthy body.Really gaining health is the risk of gaining diseases. Overweight is not affecting you personally but it is also related to the development of the country. The more the record of overweight in a country the more result of back awarding the country progress. Each person contributes for developing a country by working hard and if the people rapidly start getting overweighed; they will lose their stamina of perusing hard work.

Overall, what are the causes of overweight? Why do people gain unwanted weight is the major concern today. The studies have revealed that there are various causes of overweight which can be referred as lack of energy, an inactive life style, medication, smoking, genes and family history, environment, age, smoking, pregnancy and lack of sleep. To be detailed, lack of energy balance is a big condition in the terms of gaining your weight. Your energy should be equal in the sense the amount of energy you waste you should intake the same amount of energy. Including the life style many persona are recorded to be inactive in their lives which leads them to have over weight. People instead of walking make maximum use of transportation that is also reason of the overweight. Some of your medicines are also responsible for your ill-health. The medicines provide extra fats or calories which directly carry negative impact on your health. There are other many reasons which increase your weight.

Being of over weight is the result of many dangerous and injurious illness as well as diseases. Such as-


Excess of weight causes the stress to the major part of your body. And among them the heart is the most burning example. Overweight increases the cholesterol level, blood pressure. It also leads to get your arteries clogged, which increases the risk of heart problems. Moreover it causes women to extends the male hormones resulting there is increased risk of heart disease.


Fat and overweight person feels suffocation during their sleeping with the result they cannot have a good sleep. They gradually become the sleep disorder patients. The most dangerous is the sleep apnea. It is the condition which prevents you from breathing while you sleep with result the oxygen drops bringing the case of heart attack or stroke.


Overweight unnecessarily invites several types of cancer. In the terms of women we can include uterus, cervix, ovary, colon and breast cancer. Men are also badly affected as they increase the risk of colon, rectum, and prostate cancer.


Diabetes is a major cause of early death, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, and blindness. And overweight is likely to more frequent to put the people on their pyre as stops body organs to control the sugar level. So you are required to lose your weight to avoid your death.

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