Causes And Natural Supplements For Menorrhagia

By: Gordon R Santo

Menorrhagia is a condition where women face excessive bleeding or bleeding for prolonged duration. Normally women bleed through their genital passage after every 28 days during their fertile years, bleeding can continue for three to four days and then it stops on its own. At the age when menstrual cycle begins and at the age when it is about to stop women may see some changes in the duration between two cycles, bleeding duration and quantity of blood excreted. But in case of women suffering with Menorrhagia either bleeding is too much in quantity or goes on for more than 7 days, in either case it is a symptom of the problem and medical attention is needed. Usually this problem is ignored by women as they do not take it too seriously until it worsens, medical experts strongly recommend that medical advice shall be taken immediately at the onset of the problem to avoid further complications.

Change in the duration between two cycles can be an early symptom of the problem. The duration either gets less or more, if period arrives in less than 21 days or take more than 35 days it can be a symptom of Menorrhagia. Mid cycle spotting or bleeding is another symptom of the problem. Women bleeding for more than 7 days or too heavily is a clear symptom of the problem, normally women bleed 8 to 10 tablespoons or one-third of a cup in one cycle but women suffering with Menorrhagia bleed many times more than normal limits. If you need to change the pad in the night or in less than 2 hours and find it completely soaked, it is a symptom of Menorrhagia. Bleeding lightly but for more than 7 days is also a clear symptom of Menorrhagia. Bleeding after sex regularly also suggests presence of problem and sometimes works as an early warning.

Change in hormonal level is largely attributed as major cause of excessive bleeding in women during menstruation. Other possible causes of the problem are bleeding disorders like Van Willebrand disease, Endometrial hyperplasia which causes thickening of the lining of Uterus, infection in the Uterus like Pelvic inflammatory disease, Non-cancerous growth in the womb like Uterine fibroids, Uterine polyps and Adenomyosis have been found as causes of Menorrhagia in many women. Apart from these other possible causes of the problem are diet changes, heavy exercising, Thyroid malfunction, Pituitary disorders, Diabetes, Cirrhosis of Liver, SLE and Polycystic ovary syndrome, these problems can also cause excessive bleeding during menstruation cycle.

Women taking birth control pills for a long time, taking hormonal therapy or medications, blood thinners, Steroids or having IUD for birth control may also face the problem of Menorrhagia. Injury or surgery to Uterus, stress, miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies and sudden weight gain or loss also play a role in causing this problem in many cases. Women should check symptoms like number of days they bleed or number of pads they soak in one cycle before seeing a Doctor and also mention other symptoms they face for quick diagnosis and treatment.

Gynecure capsule is the best way to overcome excessive bleeding problem in women. Gynecure capsules keep proper blood flow, tone muscles, and tissues of female organs. You can use it with any other medicine. It ensures complete safety and can be used for long period of time.

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