Causes And Herbal Treatment For Dysmenorrhea

By: Gordon R Santo

Dysmenorrhea is common gynecological complaint; mostly young women suffer with this problem. Colloquially, Dysmenorrhea is also called as excessive menstrual pain; it is a gynecological medical condition of pain during periods which interferes with many aspects of daily life. This problem is different than menstrual cramps as these cramps can be referred to uterine contractions which are of higher frequency, intensity and duration. Dysmenorrhea is classified into two categories, primary and secondary, secondary Dysmenorrhea occurs due to diseases, disorders and structural abnormalities inside or outside Uterus.

If there is no underlying cause identified as cause of the pain than it is diagnosed as primary Dysmenorrhea. The pain may occur several days before menstrual flow and may accompany during entire flowing period, it starts reducing as menstrual flow tapers off, and in some cases it may also accompany heavy bleeding. Though it occurs quite commonly in girls who have just started to menstruate but can affect an adult woman too.

The pain due to Dysmenorrhea can present itself in many ways; it can be sharp, throbbing, shooting, nauseating, dull and burning. This pain is concentrated in lower abdomen and can radiate to lower back and thighs, this pain usually starts after Ovulation and continue till menstrual flow subsides. The pain is felt in left or right abdomen and other symptoms can also accompany the pain.

Other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, dizziness, disorientation, hyper sensitivity to lights, sound, smell and taste and fainting and fatigue also occur with pain quite often. Young girls who have just begun to menstruate and complain about excessive pain before and during periods are asked to wait and watch for few more months. The reason behind this being that primary Dysmenorrhea mostly occurs at the start of puberty due to body‚��s inability to handle hormonal activity. In many cases this pain stops affecting on its own after few months of Menarche when body gets used to of hormonal activity.

Secretion of prostaglandin hormone is considered as main cause of primary Dysmenorrhea. When women do not conceive after Ovulation the inner lining of uterus is shed, due to this prostaglandin compounds are released which makes Uterus to contract, these contractions constrict blood vessels and cause oxygen deprivation to nearby tissues. The contractions and lack of oxygen supply results in pain before and during periods referred as primary Dysmenorrhea. Young girls soon after Menarche face such pain due to inability of their body to respond to prostaglandin release, normally after few periods body gains this ability and girls begin to have pain-free periods on their own.

In the cases when pain continues to occur before every period for more than few months medical advice becomes necessary. Endometriosis is common cause of secondary Dysmenorrhea, other than this Ovarian cysts, Pelvic congestions, Adenomyosis and leiomyoma have also been found as common causes of secondary Amenorrhea. IUD or Intrauterine device can also cause secondary Dysmenorrhea. Women taking oral contraceptive pills face less severe symptoms of the problem; these pills stop Ovulation which reduces release of prostaglandins preventing pain causing contractions.

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