Causes And Herbal Remedies For Constipation Problem

By: Gordon R Santo

Throughout the history, it is a proven fact that the best medicine is the nature itself. There is not even a single disease that does not have a solution from the nature. Constipation is a serious health disorder that means different things to different people. For some, it is just a hard stool whereas for some others it is the inability to move the bowels as per their disease. In medical terms, constipation is lesser that three bowels per week. Let us now discuss some of the main causes and herbal remedies for constipation problem.

Causes of Constipation: Constipation or the bowel trouble includes various symptoms like infrequent bowel movements, lower abdominal trouble, striving to have a bowel movement, hard and strong stools, rectal bleeding and psychological distress. Usually constipation is caused by the slow movement of stool through the colon. There are many reasons for constipation. One of the major reasons is the sedentary lifestyle where people have no time for exercise and other physical activities. Other reasons include medications, poor bowel habits, low fibre diets and so on. Abuse of laxatives and hormonal disorders also result in constipation problem. High level of estrogens and progesterone during pregnancy can also result in this health disorder.

Herbal Remedies for Constipation Problem: Constipation can be cured by herbal treatment very effectively. Olive oil, healthy and tasty oil when used will help to curb constipation as it stimulates the digestive system and help in proper movement of bowel through the colon. The fresh lemon is another quick remedy as it contains citric acid that will help to flush out unwanted things and toxins from the body without getting deposited on the walls of the colon. Blackstrap molasses is a sweet supplement for the people who suffer from constipation trouble. Apart from sugar, it consists of important nutrients like vitamins and minerals, especially magnesium that helps in curing constipation.

Coffee is a natural stimulant for constipation. Include coffee in the diet so that it will prove beneficial. Natural fibre is a very effective remedy for constipation. Therefore include lot of vegetables and fruits that contain fibre in the diet. Some of the good-fibre foods include beans, apricot, whole grain bread, nuts, plums, berries, pears, apples and potatoes. Flaxseed oil is a pretty good solution for constipation because it helps in coating the wall of intestine and thereby increases the number of bowels. Aloe is another herbal supplement that helps in soothing the stomach.

Arozyme Capsule: One of the best herbal remedy for constipation problem is Arozyme capsule. It helps to improve the digestive system and corrects a number of digestive disorders like constipation and other carminative, antispasmodic, anti-flatulent antacid disorders. It is useful for indigestion, acidity and poor digestive system.

Some of the key ingredients of this herbal supplement are Ajwain, Sonth, Sanay, Dikamali, Hing, etc. This natural pill helps in curing digestive distress and keeps the digestion toned up. Arozyme capsule prevents the acids from attacking the body organs and assures proper nourishment for the body by providing all the important nutrients. These are some of the major causes and herbal remedies for constipation problem.

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