Causes And Ayurvedic Remedies For Poor Erection Problem In Men

By: Alton Patrick

A set of muscles, chemicals, nerves and blood vessels get together to work when a man is aroused and these results in erection of the male reproductive organ as it prepares for penetration. The nerve cell in the body signal stimulation to the brain cells and it relaxes the male organ to promote inflow of blood into it. Once or twice in few months a person may feel a sense of poor erection or less hardness of erection but occasionally having an inflated erection indicate health problems. Allopathic treatment for the condition is based on a set of diagnosis and chemical components, where the experts may not find it to be a problem itself. The treatment is based on synthetic products which can regulate the flow of testosterone in male body, or laboratory based chemicals are given to increase blood flow to the male organ however, ayurvedic remedies for poor erection works at cell level to revive the body functions.

Some general causes for poor erection are - When the process of communication within the nerve cells is poor or the muscles in the male organ fails to relax, the person suffers from the problem of poor or less hard erection. Some of the physical causes for poor erection are

1. Poor cardiovascular condition (blockage of arteries, reduced elasticity of blood vessels etc.)

2. Arthrosclerosis (It is the condition which causes hardening of arteries and the deposition of plaque in the arteries causes this hardening. The lost flexibility of the arteries results in blockage )

3. High blood pressure

4. Diabetes

5. Cholesterol problems

6. Parkinson's disease

7. Substance abuse

8. Use of steroids, medicines, antidepressants, relaxers, synthetic compounds etc.

Ayurvedic remedies for poor erection helps in reducing plaque deposition in the genitals to prevent blood clogging. Ayurvedic remedies for poor erection Bluze capsule and Overnight oil are rich in natural bioactive compounds which can empower the organs and the blood vessels to promote its normal functioning. Overnight oil is specifically designed to massage the genitals regularly to improve flexibility of the inner tissues and reduce the impact of inflexibility and dullness caused by aging.

The herbal capsules contain Ghokaru (Pedalium murex) and Kaunch (Mucuna Pruriens). Both the herbs are rich in bioactive compounds that can raise the level of testosterone in body. Additionally, it was observed by researchers that the intake of Ghokaru helped in increasing the blood vessel dilation with NO (Nitric oxide). The researchers found that the corpus cavernosum was able to transport more blood to the male organ when the herb was taken for four weeks. The higher the level of NO the higher is the level of transportation of blood. The researchers believed that the combination of NO boosting effect and the increase in the level of testosterone helps the herb to invalidate the main causes for poor erection. It works in amazing manner to improve the hardness of male erection. There are many other similar herbs and bioactive natural extracts in the above given ayurvedic remedies for poor erection that can helps the male body to revive from the problem.

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