Catholic School Uniforms

By: Sarah Carlye

School uniforms may be new to some public schools, but school uniforms in private schools, like Catholic schools, have been around a long time.

The stereotype for Catholic school uniforms include blue plaid skirts and jumpers with white tops for catholic girls’ uniforms with the Catholic boys’ uniforms including wearing blue pants and white shirts with a tie. Before school uniforms became more common, the Catholic school uniforms identified the students with the Catholic school. Now, the uniforms are similar to those of public school and it is less obvious who is going to a private Catholic school and students who are attending a public school.

Catholic schools have changed over the years, it use to be where you could find many of the problem students. Parents would hope the smaller classrooms and stricter guidelines would help their child to straighten up, so they would scrape together the money to pay the tuition at a Catholic school, even if they weren’t Catholic. When there is a poor economy it becomes increasingly difficult for families to afford private schools, like Catholic schools. The school attendance has dropped not only for Catholic school, but other private schools as well. Other changes in Catholic schools over the past few decades include changes in Catholic school uniform guidelines. Some of the changes include the following:

• Ties are rarely required less often for catholic school boy uniforms
• Skirts, dresses, jumpers, and scorts are no longer allowed for Catholic school girl uniforms to reduce amount of skin exposed
• Unisex requirements for Catholic school uniforms so that both boys and girls are required to wear pants or shorts
• Length of shorts that are acceptable for a Catholic school uniform

When purchasing Catholic school uniforms, be sure you understand the school uniform dress code thoroughly to avoid purchasing school uniforms pants or shirts that will not be able to be worn at school. Look for the best value when you buy a school uniform. Buying a cheap Catholic school uniform isn’t always the best value if the school uniform is a low quality garment that will stain easily and will not last for the school year. Look for a balance of quality and cheap price of a school uniform.

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