Catalonia’s Independence: An End to El Clasico

By: Kev Rob

Spanish football has always been a treat to the eyes. Their passing is always top notch, and the country has, over the years, been producing players worthy enough to be called world class. From the previous generation of Xavi Iniesta, Fernando Torres and the likes to the present generation of Busquets Thiago Pique Morata etc, the Spanish football has definitely seen a smooth transition through the years. Their brand of football, which is fondly known as the ‘Tiki Taka’, is entirely based on the possession game and has been reaping results for those adopting the technique.

What is EL Clasico?

As the years have progressed, the Spanish league has been successfully overtaking the others in being the best in the world. The stalwarts of the league, Real Madrid and Barcelona, closely followed by the likes of Atletico Madrid have been fuming the league for quite sometime now. The clash of the titan between them is the derby of all derbies and famously known as the ‘El Clasico’. From being the fiercest rivals in the club circuit of football, this derby has always been anything but boring and bland, so much so that things have gone out of control many times, fights have broken out between the managers and the players and the play stopped due to crowd interruption. Both the teams have had their star players and match winners, with legends of football donning the jerseys for the respective clubs.

Impact of Catalans’ Independence on La Liga:

With the recent sanction of allowing Catalonia to be a separate state and break free from the country of Spain, things could very well take a new turn. Barcelona and a few other clubs that are in the Spanish league will not be able to participate in La Liga anymore, and the players from the respective regions will represent their own nations. This could lead to a disastrous impact on the Spanish league as Barcelona will then no longer be a part of the Spanish league and the derby will not be hosted in the league. A few sides that have their bases in Catalonia will have to eventually separate solely due to political reasons. They will either have the option to create their own league and play in their own country or join some other country’s league and shift their entire base.
Barcelona, as a matter of fact, has even contacted the English league to shift their base and join their leagues if it is possible at all. The impact on the Spanish league will be massive as a result of this. The derby between Barcelona and Real Madrid is viewed worldwide. The revenues and the TV viewership during this particular game have been sky high. Now with the two teams likely to clash only in the Champions league, the revenue drop will cost the Spanish authorities a huge amount.
As things stand for now, the club could face the possibility of leaving the Spanish league. If that happens within the next year or so, it will be a major setback for the football fanatics throughout the world. It is a matter of time now before some concrete decision is taken.

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