Casino Slot Machines: Tips for Beginners

By: Colleen S.Lee

A couple of years ago, slot machine players were largely regarded as second-rate clients in most casinos. This is because the jackpots were not only meager, but the payout proportions were awful. As such, there were no bonuses for slot machine players, for example, free casino slots, meals as well as free rooms. These were rewards reserved for table gamers. However, this has changed over the recent past. According to a recent study, it was found that roughly 70% of the revenues generated by casinos were generated from slot machines. As a matter of fact, there are casinos that attribute their huge profits to slot machines.
Approximately 80% of people who frequent casinos prefer playing slot machines. The game is quite simple. All you have to do is insert a few coins inside the slot and press the button. First-time gamers tend to find individual interface with dealers quite intimidating. With slot machines, you do not have to interact with dealers or other gamers.
This article discusses into detail things you need to know in regards to free casino slots. Before looking at strategies to employ while playing slot machines, let’s first of all look at tips on how to play slot machines.
Playing slot machines
One of the most preferred slots in a casino is the penny and nickel game. Other slots you are most likely to come across while visiting a casino are:
- Quarter reel-spinning.
- Dollar reel-spinning.
There are also video games that can be played with up to 100 dollars. A majority of reel-spinning games are configured to accept up to a maximum of 3 coins for every game. On the other hand, video slot games can accept up to a maximum of five hundred credits at any given time.
Virtually all kinds of casino slot machines are equipped with what is commonly referred to as currency acceptors. This is a device that allows you to insert a dollar bill inside a slot. The dollar bill inserted is usually an equivalent of the credits showed on the meter. When playing reel-spinning slots, all you have to do is press a button labeled “play one credit”. Press the button until you have attained the amount of coins you would like to play. Thereafter, you can press the button labeled “spin reels”. Alternatively, if you are playing on a casino slot machine that has handles, you can keep on pulling on the handles.
What you need to know
A majority of reel-spinning casino machines only have one payout line. This is usually painted on the center of the screen which is right in front of the slot machines. Then again, there are slot machines that come with 3 payout lines.
While most people tend to concentrate on table games, unknown to them is that they can easily make money by playing free slot machines. You do not need a lot of money to play these games. What’s more is that you can play a couple of coins and win hundreds of dollars in prizes.

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