Cars of the Future

By: Ameerah

The year 2010 will definitely usher in new dimensions in technology, not only in the field of communication but also in transportation. In less than 12 years' time, the car that we now drive will practically drive it on specially built roads and provide its passengers with all kinds of conveniences. Scientists have been experimenting on special IWC Ingenieur Replica devices that may soon become standard equipment on automobiles. Experts in the car industry speculate that in the year 2010 .certain highways will be provided with sensors buried beneath them. These sensors will emit, signals that will be picked up by similar sensors in the car and will enable the driver to put the car in "automatic pilot" Just like modern jetliners, until it turns off the highway.

A danger commonly faced by long-distance drivers is falling asleep at this wheel. In the future, this major cause of fatalities will be practically eliminated. The car of the future will have three-dimensional speedometer displayed right on its windshield in front of the driver. This will emit a loud blare whenever the speed limit is exceeded. At the same time, the car's seat belt will automatically tighten, simultaneously activating the car's brakes. With an eye to convenience, automotive experts are planning to make it possible for the driver to use his car telephone without taking his hands off the steering wheel by equipping the car with a telephone that can be activated by voice. The need to dial the number he wants will also be eliminated since the driver will only need to say the number he wants and the telephone will do the rest for him. The driver's conversation will be beamed to the other party via satellites.

The computer, of course, will play a vital role in the safety and convenience features offered by the car. The computer will even assist the driver in parking his car in a tight space. By simply asking the computer, the driver will be able to know how close he is to the kerbed and the parked car behind or in front of the space he is trying to park his car in. The seats of the car will be adjusted by computer to fit perfectly the contours of the driver or his passengers' bodies. In addition, the car windows will be treated with chemicals which automatically darken in bright sunlight and lighten as the sky grows darker.

Another salient feature of the car is the sensors connected to the steering mechanism which detect any impairment or loss of alertness in the driver. These sensors will reflect the manner the driver normally applies the brakes, the way he steers and other normal functions. When they sense any deviation in the driver's normal behavior, the sensors IWC Portuguese Replica will give an audible warning to the driver another safety feature is a collision-avoidance system consisting of radar-like sensors fitted around the car. These will constantly scan for dangers. When such dangers are detected, the onboard computer will take over automatically to avoid accidents. Bill Selover of Ford Motor Company, who specializes in advanced electronics, explains that the car' s computer might reduce the car's speed to get it out of; danger.

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