Carpet Cleaning Tips: Of How To Remove Olive Oil Stains

By: Kostis Theodoropoulos

Even the slightest blemish of olive oil can be a pain as it is one of the toughest stains. Unless you confront the stain effectively from the beginning you will always see the stain mark on the fabric even if you wash the fabric many times. When it comes to carpets things are worse given that it is too difficult to wash such items much less do it repeatedly till the stain is totally removed. Yet a minor accident is enough to cause a big nuisance. Even if you donít have a clue soon you will find that it is anything but easy to get rid of this kind of stains. Nevertheless there is always a solution to any problem. Melbourne Carpet Cleaning will give you all the information you need in order to help you clean your carpets easily.


First of all, when you deal with oil stains a rapid response will be the key for an easier removal of the stain. Thus the sooner you try to clean an olive oil stain the easier it will be removed. Nonetheless if you let the stain dry or worse if you leave it on your carpet for a long time then it will be extremely difficult to get rid of it. In this case you should let professional cleaners to do the treatment for you. On the other hand if you deal with the stains you will be able to remove them easily by yourselves just follow our advice.


There are several useful tips that could help you remove an olive oil stain. Thus if you have had an accident that ended up in some olive oil stains on your carpet you should moisten with some drops of white gasoline and then pour talcum powder. Gasoline will dissolve the oiliness and then the talcum powder will absorb much of the oil. Leave the powder on the stain for a few minutes and then rub locally. Use a towel to clean the powder and then blot the stain with warm water and some drops of dishwashing detergent. However if you donít have talcum powder in hand you can use salt. Salt has the ability to absorb liquids so use it to get the oil away of the stain.

Alternatively you can just pour on the stain some drops of an ordinary dish soap and warm water. Mind not to use a colored dishwashing soap as it may leave a colored mark on your carpet. Rub with a small brush and remove the soap using a wet towel. You may need to use more than one towel and repeat several times. You can use the towel on both sides. This way you will be able to get rid of the stain easily.


Following our advice you will be able to have your carpets looking fresh lovely and clean. However if you still find the cleaning of your carpets difficult or in case that the stain remains on your carpet even after the treatment you should better hire a reputable and cheap Carpet Cleaning company that would clean your carpets fast and easily. What is more, your treatment may not be effective if you deal with extended stains. On the other hand professionals are able to remove every kind of stain and help you save time and great effort in a low cost. Choose the best possible option for your case and have your carpets as good as new.

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