Carpet Cleaning - Get Rid Of The Harmful Grime!

By: Max Luke

If you do not regularly clean your carpet, then you risk health issues, because dust and other harmful particles can collect and buildup in your carpet. You may need to do more than simply vacuum to remove the dust from the carpet, and at times the vacuum can actually make things worse. It's important that you learn how you can keep your carpet clean because you will then be able to make the air in your home a much better quality. Read on to find out everything you need to know about adequate carpet cleaning....

Which product is best for me? - There are many different types of carpets and this means that some vacuums will struggle to lift dust out of the fibres. Reading reviews of vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners should make it much easier to choose one which works well. Few people realize that the vacuum cleaner can't pick everything up. That is where steam cleaners come into play, Steam cleaners are very useful because they can be used to remove stains from your carpet and also kill off microorganisms.

Taking Care of your Carpet - You should vacuum your carpet at least once a week and more if in busy areas of your house. By vacuuming frequently, you also prevent the buildup of dirt, dust, and other particles that can cut or wreck your carpet fibers. It's important to use all of the extra attachments to thoroughly clean your carpet.

Soil retardants - You can use a soil retardant treatment on a freshly cleaned or new carpet to protect it. Baking soda can be put into the vacuum bag to eliminate smells.

Vacuuming tips - A good vacuum should be done in quadrants, where you finish one section before moving on to the other, and you should also take your time when you do vacuum, especially if your carpet is very plush, because dirt can easily be embedded. A lot of people tend to pass by quickly or a few times, but even if you have a high powered vacuum, that is not enough, so make sure that you go over each section a few times, Sometimes the dirt can get pressed deep inside the carpet. For heavily trafficked areas, you should also use a criss-crossed pattern for vacuuming, so that way you can pick up all of the particles.

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