Carlson Fish Oil: Leading the World in Quality

By: John Robinson

Carlson fish oil is one of the best fish oils which can be taken in a routine manner. It contains the all-important DHA and EPA, the two most essential fatty acids for our bodies. These omega-3 fatty acids take care of a number of problems in our body. Studies have proved the efficiency of fish oil in conditioning the body so that it remains untouched by many fatal diseases. Carlson fish oil contains all the necessary ingredients to make it the first choice in fish oil.

Carlson fish oil enjoys popularity among the people as it is retains its quality in fish oils. The fish used to extract fish oil is the best. They are supplied from the cold Norwegian waters. The fish are first frozen to retain its medicinal properties. The manufacturers of Carlson fish oil are very particular about the quality of their products. After the fish are brought to the factory, they are subjected to molecular distillation to remove all the toxins. This is the proven way to preserve the freshness and prevent any chemical contamination.

Care is taken to extract the fish oil from the flesh of the fish. This gives the requisite amounts of DHA and EPA. The fish oil extracted from the liver has many contaminants and should not be ingested. Carlson fish oil is taken from the flesh and not the liver. The utmost caution is taken to make the fish oil free mercury, lead, cadmium and PCBs. The AOAC international protocol makes sure that the Carlson fish oil is pure by conducting tests on the samples from time to time. This test is taken by the FDA registered laboratories to ensure impartiality.

Carlson fish oil is available in various categories:
• Carlson fish oil 16.8 fl oz – It contains one of the best fish oil extracted from the best fish in the Norway coast. It has a lemon taste which makes it endearing to most consumers. Being packed in Norway itself, it retains the freshness of the fish.
• Carlson fish oil superomega3 – This exists in the gelatin capsule form. It is designed to contain the correct dose of omega-3 fatty acids needed for the body. People who have distaste for fish can easily take these supplements, especially the people who do not take fish. There is no odour and you can take it without any prejudice.
• Carlson fish oil Q60 – This Carlson fish oil is designed for the heart. Besides containing the required quantities of DHA and EPA, it also contains carnitine and co enzymes Q10 which are indispensable for the heart. Carlson fish oil makes sure that the triglycerides and cholesterol levels are maintained on the healthy side, leading to lower incidents of heart failures.

These are the major types of Carlson fish oil in the market. They are the best in quality and go through stringent measures to provide the best fish oil to you. You can choose among the different categories according to your need. Your aversion to fish has no bearing on the product. Rather you will be able to avail all the positive effects of Carlson fish oil by taking the supplements. A healthy body will be your greatest asset.

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