Caring for Your Guinea Pigs

By: Roy Weastt

While it is true that guinea pigs are somewhat suitable as first pets for children, it is very important that adult supervision is present once these cute little guys are handed to children. As far as guinea pigs are concerned, these pets require a lot of room to live in, specialized diet and nutrition, proper handling and sufficient care. Below is a guide in proper caring of guinea pigs as caged pets.
Make room
While guinea pigs are quite small as compared with other pets, they still require room to move in. This is because in the wild, they live in arid places and deserts that have sufficient space for them to roam around, to construct tunnels and to run about. The same applies with domesticated caged guinea pigs. Therefore, it is very important that the owner gives a guinea pigs a lot of space so as to help sustain their need for activities.
Go green
There are specialized foods that can be bought from pet shops which are good for your pet. But guinea pigs also require natural foods so provide them with their favorite greens. The best choices are the greenest vegetables such as collards and lettuce. It is also great if you could toss some fruits into their diet. However, be sure to remove the seeds as these could be toxic to the animal.
Help around
Guinea pigs are fastidious when it comes to cleaning themselves up. But there are hard to reach places where your help may be appreciated. This is especially true with shelties that have long, soft hairs that require regular washing and brushing. For other species of pigs, however, you could help with removing the flooring and the wood shavings once in a while, in bathing them from time to time and in disinfecting their cage to prevent the development of harmful microbes that could cause them diseases.
Give them company
Guinea pigs are social animals, in cages or in the wild. It is highly recommended that they are bought in pairs, either of the same sex or not, so that they get regular companionship. Female pairs are great for beginners as they normally get along well. Male pairs are okay too, but they tend to fight once they are sexually matured.
Handle with care
Handling guinea pigs takes necessary care as they tend to become stressed when handled improperly. For children owners, adult supervision is highly advisable since clumsy handling may cause them to nip.

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