Caring For Your Wooden Deck

By: Melton Harlan

Wooden decks look great and provide a valuable outdoor recreation and entertaining area. It is for this reason that homes all over the country have decks fitted. Although a well-constructed deck is designed to last for a long time, it is important to periodically apply protective coatings – you can either do this yourself, or have it done for you. These coatings protect the wooden deck and keep it looking great. If you own a deck, protecting it in this manner should be high on your list of priorities -a simple coating can significantly extend its lifespan.

Below is a brief guide that details some of the great products on the market that you can use on your deck, to keep it in pristine condition.

Decking Oil

Decking oil is a great way to protect your deck, whilst maintaining the natural look and feel of the timber. This makes it especially useful when your deck is made from hardwoods, which can be visually stunning in their own right.

Decking oil is both restorative and protective, offering a number of benefits for timber decks. The most obvious one is that it maintains the natural colour of the timber. In addition to this decking oil stops the natural tannins in the timber leaching out which increases the longevity of the timber. Decking oil is also great for protecting against the suns UV rays, which are damaging to timber decks. This product is easily applied either on your own, or by a professional tradesman.

Decking Paint

Unlike decking oil, decking paint is designed to hide the natural colour and grain of the wood. However, despite hiding the colour and grain it does not obscure the texture of the wood. Paint can be used as a decorative measure to match the deck in with your home décor, or as a means of disguising the kind of timber that has been used.

Just like decking oil, decking paint protects the timber from the elements and increases the longevity of the materials. If other protective coatings have previously been applied, you may need to have them removed before applying paint.


When looking at older decks, you may have noticed that some seem quite worn. Due to exposure to the elements, some timber becomes oxidised quite quickly. This partially bleached appearance is not attractive and leads many people to consider replacing the entire deck.

Luckily, a product called 'Timbaclene' has been specifically developed to treat timber that has suffered from the effects of weathering. It is designed to be applied directly to exposed timber, although you should ensure the surface is clean before beginning.

Clear Coatings

Clear glossy coatings can be used in combination with a number of paints or wood stains in order to provide a protective layer for your deck. It is perfectly alright to apply a clear or gloss coat over the top of other coatings, as this is what it is designed to do. You may need to be careful in its application though, as it can be difficult to get a clean and even coat over an entire deck.

For more information, or to see a full range of deck care products, contact a local supplier today.

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Decking oil is a great way to protect your deck, whilst maintaining its look and feel. Timber Glow provides various such options to protect your wooden deck.

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