Careers in Nursing - What Are Your Options?


Whether you are just starting nursing school or are close to receiving your nursing license, assessing the potential job market is always important. Considering how competitive the nursing field has become, asking yourself questions about the kind of person you are, the kind of nurse you hope to be and what you may be able to do for patients can be crucial. The following are some of the options you will want to consider.

Entry Level Positions

If you have taken a basic nursing course, you may be qualified as a nurse's
aid, a CRNA, an STNA, or an LPN. These positions allow you to start looking into a career in nursing, with plenty of support along the way. These sorts of positions are best suited for those that want to work in a doctor's office or perhaps in an assisted care setting. You will be working with other medical professionals, but you will also be interacting with patients on a regular basis. This is a good position for those that want to do nursing as a part time job or who do not have the time to complete more advanced training.

Also, you may want to try these positions if you are thinking about getting your RN. These positions will certainly provide you with an adequate introduction. Plus, you will make it easier for you to advance into other training programs.

Basic Nursing Positions

Heading into a career as an RN or a home nurse is a great way to utilize your nursing skills while also maintaining a level of autonomy. This career path will require that you complete a four year degree or an accelerated pace two year program if you already have a bachelor's degree. Upon completion of these prerequisites, work in a clinical or hospital setting as well as a patient's home are options. These positions are best suited for those who want to work in hospice settings.

Advanced Nursing Positions

However, if you want to aim even higher, you may consider training as a nurse practitioner. While working as an NP, you will be able to see your own patients, diagnose and treat them. These positions are becoming more popular in medical practices and are seen as helpful additions to the medical community. Also, you may want to become a physician's assistant, which is another step up in the medical field.

Many individuals with a nursing degree also look into a BSN, which allows the person to look into management positions as their career progresses. You might be the person that is contacted in the case of an insurance query to look over their medical record and make a determination of benefits. Or, you may step in as a nursing manager for other nurses at a hospital. The possibilities are endless.

When you want to become a nurse, you should know that you won't necessarily be in one position for the course of your entire nursing career. You can change your level of involvement as you increase your training and experience. This allows you to appreciate nursing from several perspectives as well as help patients in many different situations.

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