Care and Cleaning of Uniforms

By: Sarah Carlye

No matter how neat a person is, uniforms (especially nursing scrubs) can get dirty, stained, and need disinfecting. Some companies may have a laundry service for cleaning uniforms or facility on site for uniform cleaning. Even if you have laundry facilities at work you may still not want to use them because they may not efficiently clean the uniform. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can get rid of dirt and stains at home. You can also disinfect your medical uniform or other uniform while keeping your uniforms’ great color and new look.

Here are some ways to keep uniforms clean and sanitary:

• Remove caked on solids-scrape and then rinse in cold water
• Pre-wash your uniforms-to gets rid of any dirt, blood or debris that is in your uniform. This will also prevent these things from circulating throughout your entire wash
• Wash scrubs in warm water- it is important to wash your scrubs in warm water so that you can dilute organisms or hot water if you need to kill any bacteria, such as staph aureus, or get any stains out
• Disinfect clothes-you will want to make sure that your water is at least 130 degrees for at least 10 minutes throughout the washing cycle. Make sure that you use plenty of soap and detergent to loosen this debris

While it may not be all that energy efficient to leave your scrubs tumble drying for 30 minutes, it will lower the amount of bacteria that is on your uniform because heat will destroy these microorganisms. To further lower the number of pathogens on a uniform, it is recommended that you iron your uniform. The heat from your iron will help to lower the number of pathogens that are actually living within your scrubs. For this reason, it is recommended that you do both: tumble-dry and iron your uniforms, this will effectively ensure that your uniform is truly clean. In fact, this is actually the only way to make sure that there are absolutely no viable bacteria left in your uniforms after you wash them.

Sometimes even a thoroughly washed uniform will retain odor. Vinegar can remove odors.
Whenever you notice that your uniforms have developed an odor, you will want to use ¼ to ½ cup of vinegar in your washing machine with your nursing scrubs or other uniform. It has been proven that vinegar will eliminate odors from clothes but is gentle enough that it will not harm your fabrics.

Another way to keep your uniform looking bright is to use Rite Color. It is an inexpensive way to brighten up the color of a uniform that is still in good condition. This is a color brightener that you will definitely want to use if you have any white scrubs. There are several other products by this same manufacturer if you are wearing colored scrubs. Regardless of the color of your scrubs, this stuff will bring back the life and brighten up your scrubs so that they look new again.

When the time comes and you can no longer brighten up your uniform or remove stains and odor, it will be time to purchase a new uniform. All Uniform Wear has high quality affordably priced nursing scrubs and medical uniforms. You can also purchase medical equipment from All Uniform Wear.

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